Particpant Feedback

Netravati Gundalli (National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST)/國立臺灣科技大學 India/印度)

The event was really very nice and helpful to all students. It lets us learn about different types of companies and their contributions both financially and socially. Their corporate social relationship activities lead Taiwan to be better and help out the residents in remote areas. Each visiting company has its different culture and practices which helps to make better society of Taiwan. Most companies impressed me with their work and I would be happier to introduce useful technology back to my country, like the Foxgreen methodology to keep the environment eco-friendly and healthy with composition and decomposition techniques. I am really impressed with the work done by E.SUN Bank for the children in remote areas accessible to books. The CTCI Corporation also has been doing a lot of corporate social relationship activities, as well as CTBC doing in early life function. I got better understanding about my career plan after visiting different companies in this enterprise visit. InvesTaiwan explained about working requirements, benefits and regulations. I believe with the help of InvesTaiwan, we sure can be better settled in Taiwan. The CTCI Foundation has been doing a wonderful job by organizing this event. To brief on the arrangements, everything was just perfect, simple and clear directions, comfortable stay, awesome food and the accompany staffs take good care of us. Overall, it was great with a lot of learning and fun memories. I would like to thank the CTCI team from bottom of my heart for their work for international students. 18) Name: NGUYEN HONG THUY VY Country: Vietnam/越南 University: China Medical University (CMU)/中國醫藥大學 Department: IMPMS/國際生物醫學 PhD or Master: PhD/碩士 First of all, I would like to commend CTCI Foundation and all the staffs for an absolutely wonderful trip. I can say that 2018 Enterprise Visit for International Graduate Students is one of the most memorable trips during my stay in Taiwan. This activity was a great opportunity for international students to learn the different industries in Taiwan. I was in awe when I saw the advanced and effective technology used in productions. The gap between academic studies and industrial application was narrowed in my mind after the trips, which helps me to effectively set a career plan. Also, this was a chance for me to meet friends who are also searching jobs in Taiwan and we shared valuable information with each other. I got a clearer picture on what areas I should improve on. I am likewise very grateful to InvesTaiwan, where I learned very helpful tips and information on seeking a job in Taiwan. Also with the assistance of ‘Contact Taiwan’, I am confident to start a career in Taiwan. In the future, I look forward to join ‘InvesTaiwan’. More than that, I hope InvesTaiwan will continue to be a companion for foreigners living in Taiwan. CTCI Corp. and TOPCO Scientific have left deep impressions in my mind. They introduced their business and explained questions from us very well. They were also very welcoming and patient. Hence, making me set a goal to be an asset for these companies in the near future. The introduction and tour from other companies were also well organized. This trip made me realize that direct interaction with companies is very essential as it opens my mind and made me see the weaknesses that I need to work on to have a great career in Taiwan. Sightseeing on the third day was also commendable. It was not only for enjoyment and relaxation, but the destination was also linked to the enterprise we had previously visited, which made me see how technology can be applied in reality. The trip was carefully planned and very organized. Communication was never a problem. Organizer was constantly sending emails before the trip and Line messages throughout the trip. They guided us carefully and made us always ready for the next stops. Meals, accommodation and transportation were perfect. I appreciate all the staffs who spent a lot of time and worked very hard for this trip to be successful. Overall, the trip was perfect, and I hope CTCI Foundation will continue to host this activity. This is a wonderful chance to link international students to business. I would definitely recommend my friends and juniors to participate this activity in the following years.

Tefera Worku Mekonnen (National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST)/國立臺灣科技大學 Ethiopia/衣索比亞)

First of all, I would like to express my appreciation to the organizing committee and my especial thanks go to the accompanying staffs during the whole travel. They were helpful, positive and tried to make the whole travel, efficient, memorable, while achieve the goals of the activity. Hence, they should be credited for the efforts and their work. Six organizations selected for the enterprise visit were InvesTaiwan, CTCI Corporation, E.SUN Bank, Foxgreen, Taiwan Life Insurance, and TOPCO Scientific. All organizations were established to achieve different objectives and perform different business activities, but they all do a great job. Since I study in natural science, I was very eager to know the corporate manufacturing process. I think all the participants would agree with me that the importance of this enterprises visit is letting us know the real business operations and the better future career plan for ourselves. For the future tiers, I suggest the composition of the enterprises could include financial and manufacturing industries in order to fulfill individual participant’s needs. Since participants are from different educational, social, cultural and religion backgrounds, and different regions, such as Africa, Europe, Asia, it would be very interesting to have the opportunity to share ideas, thoughts and future plans. Finally, I would like give appreciation to the CTCI team who did the strong coordination. The organizing committee was very informative—they informed what we would do during the enterprise travel, what kind of clothing we should wear during different days of the travel, the need of packing personal medicines, and other reminders were given ahead of the travel. Together they had a significant contribution to the success of the visit, thank you all!!!

Govindasamy Mani (National Taipei University of Technology (NTUT)/國立臺北科技大學 India/印度)

CTCI Foundation is one of the best organizations for sponsoring activity, such as enterprise visit for international graduate students. It is very helpful to us. I really enjoyed this 3-day trip by visiting CTCI Corp., E.SUN Bank, Foxgreen, Taiwan Life Insurance, TOPCO Scientific, and InvesTaiwan, along with other popular attractions. CTCI Corp. is specialized in industrial developments, building contractions, 3D model engineering, designing new building models. Moreover, they also focus on how to convert old buildings into new types of buildings, all of which are very useful to me. E.SUN Bank is very committed to CSR that I was not aware of before. They built many libraries in the remote areas for kid and local residents. Foxgreen devotes itself to develop green products and technologies that are friendly to the environment. Thanks to Foxgreen, food waste can turn into green fertilizer and nutritive liquid. In the future, I can use this machinery and technique to start a company in India. TOPCO devotes itself to the food safety, from the manufacturing process to the final product. It is very good for human health. InvesTaiwan, Ministry of Economic Affairs, was new for me to know. This was the first time I visit their Taipei office. From their presentation, I know they provide services, such as job matching to foreigners, assistance to foreign investments. It's very useful to me on how to start a new business in Taiwan. Finally, thanks to CTCI Foundation for giving me this opportunity and the organizing community members for spending much time with us all. Thanks to other participants as we all co-operated well for this 3-day trip. I am very happy to share this feedback, and once again thanks to all.

Khalil ur Rehman (National Yang-Ming University (NYMU)/國立陽明大學 Pakistan/巴基斯坦)

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to join the 2018 Enterprise Visit. Over all, it was a great experience to meet many foreign students in one platform. The program was well planned and all prospects were being care of. The trip was very enjoyable. For first day, we visited InvesTaiwan, CTCI Corporation, and E.Sun Bank. The visit to InvesTaiwan was very fruitful as we learned the requirements for investing in Taiwan, and to know all the help provided by Taiwanese government. CTCI Corp. is a leading EPC firm in Taiwan. E.Sun Bank is one of best banks in Taiwan and has earned everyone’s trust. The second day was more scientific and practical. The visit to Foxgreen was an interesting experience to me. I learned how advanced techniques are used to green the environment and how biological waste can turn to fertilizer products for industries, especially in agriculture, forestry, and fishery. Taiwan Life Insurance is fully committed to CSR. It has built many libraries for kids in remote areas in Taiwan. TOPCO offers services in semiconductor and LED industries, water treatment and even solar energy power station construction. The interesting thing is that we visited Anyo Museum built by TOPCO the following day. Anyo Museum is like a science park. Kili Bay Pearl Milk Tea Cultural Center and National Center for Traditional Arts were great places which reflect the popular Taiwanese drink and traditional lifestyles. Overall, the tour was well organized. I enjoyed delicious Taiwanese food range from western style, Halal meal, to hot pots. The organizing lady was so nice, since she always started to eat at the end when all of us finish eating. Best wishes to CTCI Foundation. You are doing a great job for international graduate students in Taiwan.

Kassian Tshithigona Tshiningombwa AMESHO (National Sun Yat-sen University (NSYSU)/國立中山大學 Namibia/納米比亞)

2018 CTCI Foundation Enterprise Visit for international graduate students was the best of the best. I truly appreciate this great effort from CTCI Foundation and hope this will continue. Enterprise Visit is a very good initiative for international students because it tremendously assists us to familiarize ourselves with the Taiwanese industries. This can help us to make good decisions after completing our studies in Taiwan. This activity has indeed opened my eyes to make critical decisions about my future plan in Taiwan. Therefore, I recommend international graduate students studying in Taiwan to participate in this amazing enterprise visit. It will surely change your future stays in Taiwan. The corporate presentations and office tours have helped us, especially on introducing vast job opportunities in Taiwan for international students. We hope that the future enterprise visit would take students to cities like Taoyuan and Hsiuchu, since there are more factories there. Furthermore, this program is a golden opportunity for us to interact with one another and share values and thoughts. We also enjoyed all the sightseeing during our trip. The meals were so delicious and very nutritious. I also appreciate the fact that the CTCI Foundation Enterprise Visit for International Graduate Students has given me an opportunity to establish contacts with some potential employers right here in Taiwan. I also got idea about how I can begin my employment journey in Taiwan, particularly with the assistant by InvesTaiwan.

Berhanemeskel Atsbeha (National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST)/國立臺灣科技大學 Ethiopia/衣索比亞)

Over all, the Enterprise Visit sponsored by the CTCI Foundation was amazing. It was interesting to meet people in each corporation as they were very outstanding and friendly. We visited six organizations during the trip. It was very helpful. I have more ideas about Taiwan and made new friends from different countries. I have seen different technologies and I was so impressed. The enterprise visits allowed me to understand more about the work conditions and new technologies that motivated me for preparing myself for the future. I have a plan that is to use the technology from each corporation, especially from Foxgreen, by converting the unwanted and environmental unfriendly materials into safe and green goods. All the staffs of all visiting corporations were so hard working and keeping learning the latest technology. I am so thankful to InvesTaiwan giving us such a golden chances to visit and providing many services to foreigners and investors. Taiwan is the best country in terms of technology. I will do all my best to find partners from Ethiopia to invest Taiwan, exchange technologies and trade goods. I hope to create a good bilateral relationship between our countries. From the three-day enterprise visit, I have learned a lot about business concepts, product quality control and product creativity, the usage of latest technologies and working environments. I would like to thank corporate CEOs for their sharing and positive responses. I would also like to thank the accompanying staff, they are so smart and friendly. The meals, accommodation and transportation were excellent and attractive. Arrangements for the whole activity and sightseeing were good. But, it would be even greater if the visit could include semiconductor corporations to visit in this tier. I am proud of being one of the international graduate students to participate in such activity.

Ivon Kristin Nip ( National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST)/國立臺灣科技大學 Indonesia/印尼)

I am grateful and satisfied to join the CTCI Enterprise Visit. As a graduate student, this activity gave me such great chance to connect with the companies in Taiwan. These enterprises opened my minds to the corporate values and technologies. In the trip, we first visited InvesTaiwan, a platform for foreign investors, is also a bridge between Taiwan government and foreign talents. InvesTaiwan (foreign entrepreneurs) together with Contact Taiwan (foreigners searching for jobs) provide a lot of governmental assistances. Important information on how international talents search and apply jobs, as well as living in Taiwan had presented clearly to us. One important thing must know is the Points System for Foreign Graduates that is critical in getting a job in Taiwan. CTCI Corp. is one of the biggest companies that have big influence in engineering, procurement and EPC. Even though it’s a small chance for me to be accepted to the CTCI Corp., but I can pass this information to my friends study in chemical background. Visiting Foxgreen was most interesting to me. Foxgreen has machinery for food recycling by using EM (effective microorganisms) products to ferment waste foods into fermented dryer such as fermented soil. These products are suitable for companies aim to protect environment by recycling waste food products into fertilizer in agriculture, animal feed in animal husbandry and fishery industry. Foxgreen is the leading industry for achieving circular economy. I think there is a large market for Foxgreen and its products. TOPCO Scientific, focuses on food-technology, accepts job applications of foreign students. Another wow factor from TOPO is that it built Anyo Museum to introduce fresh food packaging and sale safe food products. At the museum, we learned the fishery manufacturing processes from fresh product till final products, which one is unable to learn from books. We got to know more about Taiwan in these three days. Last but not least, the accompanying staffs of the CTCI Foundation served us well! I would highly recommend my friends about this event!

Ilham Wahdini (National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST)/國立臺灣科技大學 Indonesia/印尼)

The 2018 Enterprise Visit is such a good trip sponsored by the CTCI Foundation. It gave us very important information about leading companies and the requirements to work in Taiwan. It is excellent that CTCI Foundation arranges this program for international graduate students. Beginning on the first day, we visited the InvesTaiwan that gave us useful information on work requirements and how to apply for a work permit in Taiwan. CTCI Corporation is an international company. It clearly introduced to us about its specialties and I am glad that some of its business fields are related to my major in chemical engineering. Although banking is not related to my major, but E.SUN Bank gave such a good presentation about technology in banking. Foxgreen Co. works in green technology products. Although we did not visit its plant, we still got a lot of information about the company and its green products. At Taiwan Life Insurance Co., we got precious information. It has really nice building for us to visit. TOPCO Scientific Co. works in green and health technology. It is an interesting company to me. For the last day, we visited popular Taiwan tourist attractions in Yilan. Anyo Museum, which is one of TOPCO business associations, is about the fabrication of healthy products. At Milk Tea Cultural Center, I learned so much about the milk tea and its history. I realized the bubble milk tea was made in Taiwan very first. National Center for Traditional Arts is a very traditional place worth of visit. The 3-day trip was great. CTCI Foundation hosted us well, from meals to hotels arrangements. CTCI Foundation and InvesTaiwan crew were very nice. The visiting companies were truly welcome us. I would like to say thank you to CTCI Foundation for everything, as well as to InvesTaiwan and all visiting enterprises in the trip. What we learn from the trip is very useful.

Jericha Cher R. Iglesia ( National Central University (NCU)/國立中央大學 Philippines/菲律賓)

First of all, I would like to thank the CTCI Foundation for sponsoring this event. This event makes me realize how I should treat my future employees. The purpose of this event is to help foreigners finding jobs in Taiwan, if not, to understand different Taiwan companies. I would like to share my feedback for the tour below. First, I would like to express my deepest gratitude when the CEO of InvesTaiwan said that we are diamonds and welcomes foreigners to work in Taiwan. These really made me want to work soon with the help of friendly one-step processing offered by InvesTaiwan. By the way, I am a member of Contact Taiwan and I have already attended several events hosted by Contact Taiwan. E.Sun Bank and Foxgreen treated us well. On a positive note, I like how E.Sun Bank explained to us the meaning of their symbolism. Both companies really concern about their employees and the society. It is our great honor that the CEO and the Chairman of TOPCO Scientific Corp. spent time to welcome and to be with us. I would like to work with them in the future or as a partner to introduce the business to my home country. I attended some of Taiwan Life Insurance events such as ice skating on the rectangular area. I am so amazed with the founder on how big hearted he is. I am also amazed that he is a friend with our former president. He even has a museum at his company. It means that he helped a lot of people. With a heart like this, Taiwan will really grow. Lastly but not least, I really like what the CTCI Corporation is doing. When the representative introduced us different departments and what they are doing on a large scale, I felt really wanted to be a part of their team. As for sightseeing, I liked the most was the National Center for the Traditional Arts. I liked the tour guide who is very passionate about traditional arts. With his explanations, I feel like I am part of the tradition. This enterprise visit inspired me to do better, so one day, I could help my own country to be better. For all the people I meet in Taiwan, I will cherish you all and hope to meet you in the near future. Thank you.

Nguyen Huong Giang (National Central University (NCU)/國立中央大學 Vietnam/越南)

I would like to thank the CTCI Foundation that organized 2018 Enterprise Visit for International Graduate Students. It is an enjoyable trip to top companies in Taiwan. I had good opportunities to submit my curriculum vitae to the companies that I really interested in and also relating to my research topic. During the tour, I am really impressed with three organizations. The first one is InvesTaiwan of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. It gave many suggestions about foreigners applying jobs in Taiwan. This brings up so many opportunities for international graduate students to work in Taiwan. Secondly, CTCI Corporation is one of the top companies, and I am very impressed with their professionalism, diversity in the process and expertise in different fields. TOPCO Scientific Corp. is one of the companies that I am very interested about its professional working attitude, diversity in productive fields. This company has expertise in environmental protection field which is very close related to my research. I also hope I can work in a working environment like above. The last day, we visited Anyo Museum, Kili Bay Pearl Milk Tea Cultural Center and the National Center for Traditional Arts. Anyo Museum is a multi-million dollar tourism manufacturing facility established by the TOPCO Scientific Co. for the demonstration of food safety. This helped me to broaden my knowledge of food production. It also presents the all-new Ocean Mysteries Show with the fun-filled drama, dancing, acrobatics, and magic for an amazing ocean adventure. In Tea Center, I learned how to make bubble tea and the history about pearl milk tea from Taiwan to Hong Kong, China and even internationally to European countries. NCFTA opened my eyes to the traditional village about diverse crafts, aerobatics, theater, music, and dance culture of Taiwan. This trip has brought me much experience, such as staying overnight in the Lakeshore Hotel in Yilan. It is a beautiful hotel with amazing views of the Pacific Ocean and surrounding mountains. At last, I want to give a lot of thanks to CTCI staffs for our tour. They are always friendly, enthusiastic and very nice. I hope that the CTCI Foundation can organize more trips for international graduate students in the future.

Hoang Ha (Yuan Ze University (YZU)/元智大學 Vietnam/越南)

First of all, I would like to send my thanks to CTCI Foundation for holding this event, especially the staff who contributed for making this trip successfully. I'm very impressed with your professional working style and friendly attitudes, it makes me feel like a family. This program brings numerous opportunities to the new world, but also helps me explore my network over Taiwan and around the world as well. Once again, thank you for give me this wonderful experience—unforgettable memories of my student life in Taiwan. About visiting organizations, I like CTCI, TOPCO and InvesTaiwan a lot. These organizations were fully prepared to welcome us. Both CTCI and TOPCO are very big corporations that I want to work for. Hopefully after this trip, I have a chance to be interviewed for suitable position in CTCI or TOPCO. They have an international working team, a diversified culture with many employees from the world. Foxgreen strives to preserve environment in Taiwan, by developing biological creature replacing chemical material and establishing the renewable energy system as well as intelligent plant. Commercial banking services grow so fast in Taiwan. Thanks to E.Sun Bank and Taiwan Life Insurance of CTBC, we have gained knowledge and information about new technologies which will be installed in Taiwan in near future. Their welcoming tour guides around the building is priceless. We know a lot of how one of the great banks of Taiwan was developed, from small business to becoming a giant in financial market. The history of the bank was illustrated by game, which was remarkable, and we love it very much. Sightseeing was also great. We had visited Anyo Museum, Kili Bay Pearl Milk Tea Cultural Center and National Center for Traditional Arts and Taiwan culture as well as the spirit not only in Taiwan, Asian but also in every corner of streets in NCFTA. The DIY vanilla salt in Anyo is not only mint mix with salt, it is the love from people of Taiwan.

Harry Hermawan (National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST)/國立臺灣科技大學國立臺灣科技大學 Indonesia/印尼)

There are no explicit words that can describe how happy and excited we were when we had joined this activity. This program helps international students in many aspects. It is a very great and valuable program. This program emphasizes experiential learning as the foundational element of the travel experience. CTCI Foundation invites all students from different countries and cultures and blends it together in this program. It was an exciting trip to travel together with everyone. InvesTaiwan welcomed us and I am glad that they are happy to be visited by international students. It’s great to know that they provide job matching service between foreigners and Taiwanese companies. I believe InvesTaiwan puts a lot of efforts into doing this. CTCI Corp. engages in the provision of project management, engineering design, procurement, fabrication, construction, supervision and test and commissioning services. They are dedicated to providing all their staffs and partners a safe and comfortable workplace. They actively promote self-improvement by creating a health-conscious workplace, while considering staffs’ needs to protect and maintain their physical and mental well-being, and also provide professional services that minimizes the impact on the environment, and promote energy saving, carbon reduction, and pollution prevention. E.SUN Bank genuinely develops the efficient method to enhance their banking system for customers’ convenience. Foxgreen, TOPCO and CTBC along with their establishments inspired us to work harder. The last day trip was scheduled to 3 attractions. I could say the places were so attractive and we got a lot of knowledge of manufacturing safe food products from this trip. We also had free time to explore the museum by ourselves. In these 3 days, CTCI Foundation treated us as a "king". The meals that had arranged were amazingly tasty. This was the first time I eat Sukiyaki and the taste is awesome. Thanks for choosing the good restaurant to eat. We got experiences to understand the backgrounds of different companies and what they do to become big companies in Taiwan. I am very satisfied with the trip and thank CTCI Foundation for holding this valuable program.