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Activity Report

This year's second-tier corporate visits were held from August 29 to 31. The itinerary included visits to well-known corporations including CTCI Corp., Foxgreen Corp., TOPCO Scientific Corp., E.SUN Bank, Taiwan Life Insurance Co. and governmental agency of InvesTaiwan. CTCI Corp. is a renowned leader in reliable engineering services across Asia, the Middle East and the Americas. Foxgreen, an ecology expert, is committed to green sustainable environmental protection, green energy and life health. TOPCO has utilized its high-tech expertise in the livelihood industry with considerable progress in food, healthcare, sports, and recreational areas. E.SUN Bank is Taiwan's best-performing and most respected bank. Taiwan Life Insurance offers a whole range of protection network on healthy and wealthy security to policyholders. The governmental agency of InvesTaiwan walks international students through essential topics of staying, living, and working in Taiwan. Activities on the third day include special tours to popular local sites in Yilan. ANYO Museum is a multi-million dollar tourism manufacturing facility established by the TOPCO for the demonstration of high quality food safety, freshness and convenience. Students learned about Taiwan’s famous pearl milk tea history and enjoyed bubble tea at Kili Bay Pearl Milk Tea Cultural Center. At the National Center for Traditional Arts, at their traditional Southern buildings and artistic theaters were performance of sound music and dances, and the charm of traditional crafts. The 2018 Tier Two Enterprise Visit drew to a successful close.

林佳銘 (National Taipei University of Technology (NTUT)/國立臺北科技大學 China/中國)

很難得有这樣的機會,透過中技社安排與來自各國的同學們一起到五家優質的台湾企業進行實地參訪,这些企業各具獨特的實力及領域,在業界也佔有相當的份額,整个企業參訪行程可說是相當特別及令人難忘。在台湾一年多以來的EMBA課程,有幸與學習不同領域的同學們彼此交流,觀念碰撞,讓我獲益甚多,这次更是到企業實地觀摩,讓我有不同於書本知識上的收穫,我認為只處在同一个產業,最怕就是在想法上的定型與僵化,經由这次參訪不同類型的企業後有更加有深刻的體會。 我印象最深刻的莫過於崇越科技(TOPCO Scientific Co.),崇越董事长与总经理熱心接待與虛心學習的態度,讓我感覺這家企業自然流露的特有的及開放的文化氣氛,尤其是总经理在接待我們的過程中知無不言,並且對於大家的提問及建議也都非常的虛心接受。这对傳產來說,着不常见,於是乎當局者迷,而我們就正需這樣的異業交流,才有可能注意到自己的盲點。 这次的參訪,讓我不只是在技術與產業方面有所收穫,同時還包括了實實在在的觀察到各个不同的企業之間的管理、公司文化上的差異,雖然每家公司互有差異,但我們可以看到这多家公司在市場上都有著自己的一席之地,这也表示每一種制度、做法與文化都沒有對錯之分,最重要的是找對公司的定位,找到企業適合的發展模式。

Misganaw Alemu Zeleke ( National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST)/國立臺灣科技大學 Ethiopia/衣索比亞)

All the things I did during this enterprise visit trip will remain in my mind for a long time even after I turn to my home country. Oh my God! Through visits to these very important corporations, I have seen and realized how much Taiwan has developed. I wish these companies are coming to my country too! Specifically, when I heard how Foxgreen used natural fertilizers, I was very inspired. Foxgreen uses techniques to prevent environmental pollution that is very amazing. Foxgreen is an inspiration to me!!! Similarly, my school research topic is on "Environmental Protection from Contaminants". I synthesized catalysts which are required for the degradation or reduction of contaminants, like organic dyes or inorganic pollutants such as toxic hexavalent chromium and I know how they pollute or affect our environment. The sources for these environmental pollutants are like artificial fertilizers. I really appreciate all the visiting companies and the things they have done for us, their hospitality and services are great! They all gave a brief introduction, objective, and future goals and plan. I was very impressed by the people of Taiwan and their beautiful nature. I have been here in Taiwan for more than two years. The happiest time I have ever spent is this trip. Thank you very much once again! The coordinator was very responsible. I really appreciate Miss Chung. She took care of us from the bottom of her heart! Sometimes I looked at her during the meal time, she was as busy as a bee and asking everyone whether we have the right order! She is really lovely! She treats us like sister and brother. I miss her and would like to say "Thank you very much for all your support in every aspect." CTCI Foundation planned this visit very well! We talked a lot, we laughed, we discussed important issues, and I miss the group. You know what? I hope you could invite me again, because I miss everything. Thank you, everybody! Keep it up! Thank you!

Misganaw Adigo Weret (National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST)/國立臺灣科技大學 Ethiopia/衣索比亞)

I would like to express my appreciation for the CTCI Foundation, coordinating team, and the international students participated in the Enterprise Visit. Special thanks to CTCI Foundation for the fantastic enterprise visit you have sponsored and arranged for all the international students participating in the event. I really appreciate the coordinators since their hard work and dedication have really helped us out during a difficult time in our enterprise visit. I truly want to make sure you know how much you are valued and appreciated. Thank you to Yo-Ching for your hard work and dedication during the enterprise visit. I really appreciate what you have done for us. As I understood, the CTCI Corporation is comprised of a group of specialized companies and affiliates that work in unison to achieve the goal of leading the world in the provision of reliable engineering services. However, the corporation has no branches in Africa or South America, even though there are many resources and demands for similar engineering companies. Therefore, I recommend CTCI Corp. to open a branch and to facilitate and assist the manufacturing industries to upgrade in these continents. And one more thing is the Engineering Education Research Fund awards scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students, and also encourages students to focus on engineering fields and become competitive in their academic careers. It would be wonderful if they can increase the number of recipients in the future.

Vicente Queiroz ( National Taiwan University (NTU)/國立臺灣大學 Portugal/葡萄牙)

Hello! I was lucky to attend the CTCI Enterprise Visit for International Graduate Students in August 2018. First of all, I have to thank how well we were treated throughout the three days. I have nothing to complain, and my feedback and suggestions are in the next section, for having something to always improve on. The fact that presenters from agency of InvesTaiwan were invited to join the trip is a marvelous idea. We did have more time to exchange ideas, which allows us to know InvesTaiwan more than other companies. You could keep inviting them or other companies for future trips! I think the accommodation of this trip was excellent. I like the arrangement for my roommate, which pushes me to meet new friends. Everything was ready for us, no hassles like giving passport or ARC. I also like that the fact that after we arrive at the hotels, we had free time to relax. The Food was very good. I'm not picky. But I got seated in the table of people who don't eat Pork 2 times. I eat anything so it is ok for me. Maybe food selection could be more flexible. One thing that should be improved is in the selection of the enterprises. Not every company has a foreigner friendly practice. For example, the recruitment for E.SUN bank requires candidates know Chinese. But 85% of us can’t speak Chinese. Taiwan Life Insurance presentation should be presented by its HR department, so we could get more recruitment information.

Veeresha Ramesha Ittangihala (National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST)/國立臺灣科技大學 India/印度)

The event was really nice and helpful to all international students. It lets us know different kinds of Taiwanese companies and their contributions to Taiwan’s growth financially. They taking account of their economic, social and environmental impacts and fulfill Corporate Social Responsibilities. Through this event, we know more about Taiwanese companies, and it also helps companies to attract foreign students in return. All companies had impressed me with their works that I would be happier to introduce to my country, such as Foxgreen’s methodology and technology to keep the environment eco-friendly and healthy by introducing decomposition techniques. I am really impressed with the work done by E.SUN Bank in building the libraries for remote areas children. CTCI Corp. has major areas covered in almost all fields with great corporate social responsibility actions to keep Taiwanese people’s social life at good quality level. I am also very much impressed with CTBC in early period functions, services, and its transformation into the present state domestic and worldwide. InvesTaiwan introduced and explained about the employment benefits and opportunities to work in Taiwan in many aspects as an employee, entrepreneur, and businessman. It has very good solutions for all. With this information, we can better settle down in Taiwan and work. The sponsor, CTCI Foundation, has been doing a wonderful job by organizing this event with two tiers with 30 students in each trip. I would like to thank CTCI from the bottom of my heart for their work toward the welfare of international students in Taiwan. Each visiting company has its own different culture of work and practices that focus on helping the society. Many students have gotten better understanding about their career choices after visiting to different companies selected in this tier of enterprise visit. Everything was just perfect about the arrangements. The trip included comfortable stay, awesome foods, and cozy tour bus. The accompanying staffs were so kind and caring to each student with love and care. The journey was very unforgettable and fun with a lot of learning and new experiences.

TRUONG HA THE CUONG (National Central University (NCU)/國立中央大學 Vietnam/越南)

I firmly believe the success of 2018 Enterprise Visit-Tier 2 at the end of August is the result of two valuable contributions. The first one is derived from the professional working style of CTCI Foundation staffs and the second is the diversified agenda. The trip gave us better understanding about each enterprise profile and recruitment requirements. CTCI Foundation has left good impression to each participant with its professionalism. Each participant at gathering point received an enterprise visit booklet, which contains information of the overview, establishments or achievements of companies. During the trip, CTCI announced information with participants was efficient. Participants always received timely and useful information via Line application and emails at the early contact. On the way heading to the business, there was also a brief introduction of the visiting corporation. CTCI staffs were extremely responsible for their works. Every time when we went to restaurants to enjoy delicious meals, the staff Ms. Chung always came to help us for arranging seats and food selection, and often ate late or even had no time for eating. Indeed, the staff cares about each participant. About the diverse itinerary and agenda, that we had spent more time in places in Taipei City, Taoyuan City and Yilan County with diversified fields, like governmental agency (InvesTaiwan), construction (CTCI Corp. which is the top 1 construction brand in Taiwan), banking (E.Sun Bank which named after the highest mountain in Taiwan), bio-fermenter (Foxgreen is the company with products in domestic waste treatment), high tech (TOPCO is a leading company in sustainable energy products) and insurance (Taiwan Life Insurance). This means that if there is any job vacancy from above enterprises, we will have fair opportunity for all participants. From my point of view, the visit was excellent and CTCI Foundation had built bridges between Taiwanese companies and international students successfully.

Thomas Wi-Afedzi (National Chung Hsing University (NCHU)/國立中興大學 Ghana/加納)

The 2018 Enterprise Visit is a very educative, intuitive and refreshing enterprise visit. Thanks to all stakeholders, especially, CTCI Foundation, who made this event possible. The tour provides a comprehensive view of some Taiwanese companies and helps to establish connections between the international graduate students and the companies. I personally gained a lot in the areas of getting exposed to opportunities available in the job-market and also had the chance to meet, discuss and share with other international students from diverse educational and cultural backgrounds. This has extended my professional network-base and will pave way for future collaborative research to augment the efforts of industry to improve the standard of living. Before this enterprise visit, I believed working in Taiwan as a professional was nearly impossible, but this thought has changed after visiting InvesTaiwan. The CEO and the managers of InvesTaiwan are doing so much to make the stay and living of foreign professionals in Taiwan easier and better. And they projected Taiwan very well to increase our desire of working and living here. Taiwan is highlighted as a major global exporter of ICT products and semiconductors and produce highest quality of high-tech products. According to the Global Competitiveness Report 2017-2018, Taiwan ranked 15th out of 140 countries and also 15th in the Doing Business Report 2018 by World Bank. And what is most refreshing is that, according to the Business Environment Rankings, Taiwan ranks as the top 15 most investor-friendly nation between 2014 and 2018. The visiting companies were E.Sun Bank, Foxgreen Co., Taiwan Life Insurance Co., TOPCO Scientific Co., and CTCI Corporation. Our stop at the CTCI Corp. was an eye-opening encounter—CTCI Corp. introduces itself as a leading engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) firm. Over the years, CTCI has broadened its horizon in the areas of infrastructure, waste-to-energy, environmental protection, power and storage & terminal from the conventional services they used to provide, such as chemicals and petrochemicals refining. Talking about waste-to-energy, our stop at the offices of Foxgreen, a company that is poised to developing green products and environmental technologies, was also an educative one. Foxgreen applies microbial technology to convert biological wastes into useful products, such as animal feed biomass energy and nutritive liquids. What makes products from Foxgreen stand out from others is the fact that their treatment processes require low energy and no harmful byproducts are produced. Visits to TOPCO, E.SUN Bank and Taiwan Life Insurance were no less interesting and educative. For instance, the story surrounding the existence of E.SUN Bank is quite inspiring. Aside from being named after the peak of Taiwan Jade Mountain, the bank not only focuses on financial services, but also very much into the area of environmental sustainability. No wonder it emerged as the best bank in Asia-Pacific in 2017 (Taiwan’s first bank to win this award) according to The Asian Banker. Besides visiting enterprises, we were also given the opportunity to visit three notable attractions of Anyo Museum, National Center for Traditional Arts, and the Kili Bay Pearl Milk Tea Cultural Center. I must also commend the accompanying staffs for exhibiting professionalism in all their dealings with the trip from the first day we arrived till we departed at Taipei Main Station. Kudos to all of them, and I hope they can be retained for future duties. Thank you CTCI Foundation!

Tamene Simachew Zeleke (National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST)/國立臺灣科技大學 Ethiopia/衣索比亞)

First of all, I would like to acknowledge all the stakeholders who organized and sponsored this event. I think one objective of the programme is to give awareness to the international community about beautiful Taiwan. You did a great job on the trip from August 29-31 and I believed that the goal of the trip has been achieved. For the first day, during visits to InvesTaiwan and CTCI Corporation, the delegated stakeholders of both organizations presented their companies vision, mission, and interests clearly. From their introductions, I was very interested in knowing the future interests of the organizations, and their responses to the questions by participants were satisfying. The main goals of InvesTaiwan are very important for the future since it welcomes all the investments worldwide. I really appreciated the commitments of InvesTaiwan. At E.SUN Bank, we got vast details about the company and there was an interesting interaction with the attending group even though time for discussion is limited. The future banking system will be transformed to a new stage by applying advanced electronic technologies. The second day visit included Taiwan Life Insurance, TOPCO Scientific and Foxgreen. I was especially impressed by the Taiwan Life Insurance in the way they explained the meaning of life. TOPCO and Foxgreen presented very well, however it could be even better if they could showed us the manufacturing process. I think it would be interesting to observe the technology. The last day, we experienced both modern and traditional Taiwan buildings and culture. Now, I know Taiwan more during my three-year stay in Taipei. Finally, I would like to thank you for the services beyond my expectation and to the organizing team. Thank you again from Tamene Simachw.

Sasmoko (National Central University (NCU)/國立中央大學 Indonesia/印尼)

First of all, I really want to say thanks to the CTCI Foundation for giving me the opportunity. This event was very important for foreign students like me. I have been staying in Taiwan for almost 5 years, from studying of master to PhD courses. Because this event, my view of working in Taiwan has changed, and visiting companies give us the opportunity to work in Taiwan. I think the purpose of the event was successfully applied. My comments on our agendas are as follows: 1. InvesTaiwan:The presentation was very interesting, and the explanations, which about the general qualification for foreign professionals to work in Taiwan and the benefits of Entrepreneur Visa, have changed my mind about careers in Taiwan. 2. CTCI Corporation:The explanation was very interesting because it relates to my major, especially in the field of engineering. CTCI is renowned as a leader in reliable engineering services across Asia, the Middle East and the Americas. The things that interest me are project engineering management, HSE engineering, piping engineering, electrical engineering, instrumentation and control engineering, mechanical and equipment engineering, process engineering, civil engineering (incl. structural, geotechnical, architectural engineering), cleanroom engineering, nuclear engineering, system integration engineering and landscaping. 3. E.Sun Bank:It is one of the best banks in Taiwan and we were very interested in the facilities. 4. Foxgreen:It is the best company in the field of biotechnology, and processing wasted food. The products are very good, but for some Asian countries, the price is still expensive. Foxgreen welcomes foreigners to join them, which was something wonderful for us to know. 5. Taiwan Life Insurance:The company was founded in 1947 and is based in Taipei City, Taiwan. It offers guarantee type, investment type, annuity type, additional/endorsements, group insurance, travel insurance, and micro-insurance products, and housing loan, car loan, and exchange services. 6. TOPCO:As a total solution provider in high tech industries, they have always based upon professionalism to expand new business areas and introduce new products, technology and services to customers. We are much appreciated that TOPCO gave us career opportunities, even though we were not engineering backgrounds. For tourist attractions, I liked ANYO Museum, Milk Tea Culture Centre, and National Center for Traditional Arts. Yilan is a beautiful and cool place, and Taiwanese culture is very interesting. I think it is “PERFECT” and I did enjoy it, and I hope to participate every year.

SAH ANISH (Yuan Ze University (YZU)/元智大學 Nepal/尼泊爾)

I would like to thank the CTCI Foundation for organizing such wonderful trip for international students. In my opinion, in Taiwan the gap between the foreign students and Taiwanese companies is big and I am glad that CTCI Foundation is doing a great job to match both parties. In this visit, CTCI Foundation has shown us a path to build our career in Taiwan. As an IT student, I am always intrigued by the technology. And I found that Taiwanese companies are using the latest technologies to make world class quality products. Our trip started with visit to InvesTaiwan. They provided information about the visa process, work permit and other formalities, which are really helpful to international students. During the first two days, we visited companies, such as CTCI Corporation, E.SUN Bank, Foxgreen, Taiwan Life Insurance and TOPCO Scientific, where we got a chance to learn about the organizations, working environments, products and services, facilities and corporate cultures. CTCI Corporation, which was established in 1979 and specializes as a leading EPC firm in Taiwan. The company is mainly focused on engineering design, procurement, fabrication, construction, supervision, and project management. Until today, it spans across 15 countries with 7,400 employees worldwide. We visited one of the popular banks in Taiwan and it is called E.SUN Bank. I was really impressed because they use all the latest technology to serve their clients. I think this is the reason why E.SUN bank is awarded as the best bank in Taiwan. We also visited Taiwan Life Insurance, Foxgreen, and TOPCO Scientific. I was really impressed by TOPCO, which mainly provides components required in the semiconductor, LCD and LED industries. They also focus on environmental protection and offer service to alternative energy sectors. Anyo Museum in Yilan is established by TOPCO. It is responsible for manufacturing and sales of safe food products. Apart from Anyo, we also got the chance to visit some cultural and traditional sites of Taiwan. We visited the KILI Bay Pearl Milk Tea Cultural Center and the National Center for Traditional Arts, where we could experience the traditional village, aerobatics, theater, music and dance and traditional arts. Inside Wenchang temple, traditional Taiwanese lifestyles and folk culture were displayed. At the very last, I would like to thank the staffs who were always with us during the trip and making this trip memorable.

Pham Thi Thuy Dung (Luha) (Yuan Ze University (YZU)/元智大學 Vietnam/越南)

The program of enterprise visit had just finished a few days ago, but my feeling seems to never end. This was such a wonderful three-day trip that is hard for me to forget. Thanks to CTCI Foundation so much for giving me as well as other participants this great chance to visit many Taiwanese enterprises and popular attractions. I really appreciate CTCI Foundation and InvesTaiwan staffs that joined us during the trip. All of them were super kind and took care of us through three days and I did not feel any distance. Being a Ph.D student means that I write and publish a lot of papers. Some people may think it might just theoretical. The 2018 Enterprise Visit was a great chance for me to reinforce my practical observation and experience of how firms of different industries operate their business and manage organizational mechanism. This field trip will benefit my current and future research project which I am studying about dynamic capabilities view (DCV) exploring how Taiwanese companies manipulate their existing knowledge and resource base to turn them into new knowledge and competitive advantages, aiming to respond to the fast-shifting business environment. Furthermore, I do believe that the visits will help me to gain a deeper understanding of Taiwan’s corporations as well as working environment, so that all of these experiences will better my knowledge and help me to prepare for future career in Taiwan. As the main goal of the 2018 Enterprise Visit is to bring together positive interactions between corporations and international talents, I think the CTCI Foundation did a great job, and the participants and I had learnt about Taiwan’s corporations and shared our ideas with each other. I sincerely thank CTCI for offering me this unforgettable three-day field trip.

Om Kumar Prasad ( National Chiao Tung University (NCTU)/國立交通大學 India/印度)

First, I would like to say thank you to all staff and their hospitality. I am glad to participate in the 2018 Enterprise Visit for international graduate student. This three-day trip made me think about Taiwanese corporations, which is the reason why a small island can become a diamond in Asia. In this trip, I found out that there are governmental entities working to make the overall environment more welcoming for international talents. InvestTaiwan is doing great to connect Asian countries and create more opportunities for business. We visited many companies and financial institutions. Nevertheless, I see working opportunities are available, but dragging down foreigners’ opportunity is the language barrier. So I would highly recommend all foreign students to learn Chinese as it will open up more job opportunities in Taiwan. Throughout this trip, we saw first-hand TOPCO’s high standard technology with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates, as well as energy efficiency, local motor manufacturer. And Foxgreen’s biological fermentation is an amazing innovation for creating a better global environment. They produce EM which is made up of lactic acid, in nature farming soil neutralization, water purification, sewage treatment, kitchen waste composting, flowers gardening, home environment and pet life. I would like to bring back to my countries this kind of production. CTBC’s great potential is using new technology which is interesting. We not only got to see different processes and machineries running live projects, but also learned about internships and job opportunities here. Throughout this trip, I met many good friends and I never thought I would have such chance to know friends from so many countries. Overall, the trip was interesting, enriching and positive. I would strongly recommend the Enterprise Visit to my students in the future. Please accept my sincere gratitude!

NGUYEN HONG THUY VY (China Medical University (CMU)/中國醫藥大學 Vietnam/越南)

First of all, I would like to commend CTCI Foundation and all the staffs for an absolutely wonderful trip. I can say that 2018 Enterprise Visit for International Graduate Students is one of the most memorable trips during my stay in Taiwan. This activity was a great opportunity for international students to learn the different industries in Taiwan. I was in awe when I saw the advanced and effective technology used in productions. The gap between academic studies and industrial application was narrowed in my mind after the trips, which helps me to effectively set a career plan. Also, this was a chance for me to meet friends who are also searching jobs in Taiwan and we shared valuable information with each other. I got a clearer picture on what areas I should improve on. I am likewise very grateful to InvesTaiwan, where I learned very helpful tips and information on seeking a job in Taiwan. Also with the assistance of ‘Contact Taiwan’, I am confident to start a career in Taiwan. In the future, I look forward to join ‘InvesTaiwan’. More than that, I hope InvesTaiwan will continue to be a companion for foreigners living in Taiwan. CTCI Corp. and TOPCO Scientific have left deep impressions in my mind. They introduced their business and explained questions from us very well. They were also very welcoming and patient. Hence, making me set a goal to be an asset for these companies in the near future. The introduction and tour from other companies were also well organized. This trip made me realize that direct interaction with companies is very essential as it opens my mind and made me see the weaknesses that I need to work on to have a great career in Taiwan. Sightseeing on the third day was also commendable. It was not only for enjoyment and relaxation, but the destination was also linked to the enterprise we had previously visited, which made me see how technology can be applied in reality. The trip was carefully planned and very organized. Communication was never a problem. Organizer was constantly sending emails before the trip and Line messages throughout the trip. They guided us carefully and made us always ready for the next stops. Meals, accommodation and transportation were perfect. I appreciate all the staffs who spent a lot of time and worked very hard for this trip to be successful. Overall, the trip was perfect, and I hope CTCI Foundation will continue to host this activity. This is a wonderful chance to link international students to business. I would definitely recommend my friends and juniors to participate this activity in the following years.