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CTCI Foundation, formerly known as China Technical Consultants Inc., was established on October 12, 1959. As a pioneer of new technologies, CTCI Foundation commits itself to developing technological talents for Taiwan, thereby boost Taiwan’s economic development and assists Taiwan’s manufacturing industries to upgrade their productivity.
Ever since its establishment, CTCI Foundation has played the most critical role in various national economic development projects and has thus established a number of research centers, such as the Catalyst Research Center, Eco-Technology, Energy, and Environmental Technology Development Center, for assisting ROC government to formulate a variety of policies and strategies pertinent to environment protection and energy. Furthermore, CTCI Foundation has sponsored a number of seminars, scholarships, and academic programs to award the talented professionals thereby enhance technological research and development in Taiwan.
To closely adapt the globally developmental trend, CTCI Foundation has established think-tank platform, dedicating to innovative research & application to promote technology and economic prosperity. CTCI Foundation will accomplish its supreme goals of pursuing Technical Innovation & Community Wellbeing, which NGO has been continuously working to contribute to the nation and the society.
CTCI Foundation’s development comprises three stages as follows:
*Engineering Instruction Stage (1959~1979)
—Participated in Petrochemical Refinery Design & Supervision both at home and abroad, resulting in the birth of Taiwan’s         petrochemical industry.
—Founded Engineering Education Research Fund in order to cultivate the talented professionals and facilitate academic research.
—Reinvested in CTCI Corporation as a tangible measure for internationalization.
*R&D and Technical Service Stage (1980~2004)
—Launched technical consultation service and rendered assistance for pollution prevention, energy conservation, and environmental protection, furnished ROC government with strategic recommendations and industrial upgrading.
—Awarded scholarships and subsidizing academic programs constantly.
*Knowledge Innovation and Service Stage (2005~now) 
—Transfer into think-tank platform, focus on prospective technology research and development.
—Awarding the talented professionals in the technical areas and providing community services to benefit society.
*Introducing the latest engineering know-how to Taiwan for industrial upgrading 
.Prior to the establishment of CTCI Corporation, CTCI Foundation has designed and constructed as many as 70 petrochemical plants. Inheriting the technological know-how and reputations acquired by CTCI Foundation over 2 decades, CTCI Corp.’s has been awarded by the Common Wealth Magazine for the No. 1 company in the constructor industry with the best reputation, and by ENR for the top 150 Engineering Corp. in the world.  
.Providing technical consultation services to business entities across Taiwan, including seminars on pollution prevention, field visits, rendering energy conservation services, sponsoring seminars on energy conservation and carbon reduction, completed the control of air pollution and toxic substance projects for government and private companies, and initiated eco-related regulations and systems for the government. Furthermore, CTCI Foundation has filed catalyst-related patents in Taiwan and foreign countries together with research reports.
.Since the inception of the think tank, CTCI Foundation has being organizing many seminars & forums to discuss energy, environment, economy & Long-Term Care etc. to generate recommendations & reports to influence government policy & industrial strategy to enhance national competitiveness and promote economic growth.
*Nurturing technological professionals and sponsoring academic activities 
.Sponsoring training programs related to catalyst, pollution prevention, energy, and environment protection for thousands of employees. Training programs turned out to be a success and had earned applauses from all industries across Taiwan. CTCI Foundation has either assisted these employees to launch commercial services on their own or transferred them to private companies.
.CTCI Foundation has granted more than 100 Million New Taiwan Dollars to approximately 3,600 outstanding students through seminars & scholarship programs. Recently, CTCI Foundation started new programs such as scholarship and life grants for oversea graduate students, exchange visits for Taiwan & China students, as well as foreign students in Taiwan to visit domestic enterprises. These new programs can initiate young intellectuals in Taiwan to compete globally and foreign students to work for enterprises of Taiwan.
.To sponsor the association & institute with indicator meaning, hold relevant public welfare activities, and expand the effectiveness of cohesive efforts provided by the website link.
*Concentrate on pioneering visions & focus on think tank discussion 
.Strengthen cooperation between industries & academics to enable transfers from R&D to product through startups companies.
.Combine public interests and justice debates to provide practical suggestion for governmental policy through mutual collaboration between academics and industries.
*Encourage the talented professionals & expand community benefits
.Reward key university students, and hold international exchange and observation to generate creative ingenuity and high-end technology workforce. 
.Support technology & cultural related activities to practice the concept of public benefit for society contribution.
Celebration Video for CTCI Foundation's 60th Anniversary


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