Adaptation for Climate Change

  • 2010
  • Climate change

      The greenhouse effect on global climate change is obvious to see, and human kind is starting to realize that their economic development can only be sustained by ensuring the stability of environmental ecology. Up until recently, many countries still regard mitigation as the main strategy and solution for dealing with global warming and climate change.


      However, the increase in greenhouse gas concentrations is the result of long-term accumulation of human emissions. According to some pessimistic scientists, even if greenhouse emission is stopped immediately, the average global temperature will continue to rise for the next two hundred years due to the vast amount of accumulated emissions. And being able to develop an effective reduction technology on greenhouse emission will not prevent the impact of climate change on the environment. Therefore, it is without doubt that promotion strategies should include both adaptation and mitigation.



      As phenomenon of global warming and climate change are irreversible, besides continuing the work on reduction of greenhouse gas emission, we must also seriously consider how to cope with the post-global warming environmental condition and adjust current ways of life accordingly.


      In view of this, it is hoped that through the collection and analysis of publication, seminar and related research findings, a framework can be established to deal with issues of adjustment-related risk analysis, administrative coordination system of climate change, legislative planning and management strategies. As well, it can help to identify prioritized regions and adjust related strategies and planning so as to offer the government reference on strategic framework for adaptation and mitigation management.









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