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      As a shortage of crude oil looms ahead, the surge in energy prices, with the Kyoto protocol going into effect, all have pushed the world into a search for replaceable energy sources of solar power, biomass energy, wind power, geo-thermal power, and etcetera. Many leading countries actively invest in researches in an attempt to establish a new energy structure based on renewable energy, from which they can adopt into national energy system.

      Currently Taiwan is promoting renewable energies such as solar hot water system, wind power system, photovoltaic technology, bio-energy application, water power system, and geo-thermal power system. Currently biomass energy is the fourth largest energy source, following crude oil, coal, natural gas which constitute 80% of the global usable energy. Biomass energy can be subdivided into: bio-hydrogen
alcohol gasoline, bio-diesel, bio-fuel cell; the demand for these bio-mass energy can be expected to increase sharply in the near future.

      According to the National Energy Conference on June, 2005, Taiwan is aiming to develop bio-alcohol, bio-diesel, and waste power generation system as the primary objective. In December, 2005, the energy technology team of the Executive Yuan also proposed the promotion of bio-alcohol and bio-diesel, seeing how fuel alcohol and bio-diesel are suitable energy sources for motor vehicles. One characteristic of bio-diesel is such that it suits the current use of diesel engine without re-design of the engine.

      In view of the current development, our foundation hosted the conference on “Bio-diesel Development Model in Taiwan” on January 18, 2006. Many specialists were invited to exchange opinions and ideas with regards to the structure of bio-diesel supply chain and which links are to be strengthened. It is our hope that these valuable information served as useful reference points for related organizations and industries in their developing projects.







The opinions and suggestions  










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