Certification and Verification

  • 2009
  • Environmental policy

      Due to globalization, as sustainable development becomes ever more significant, research and development, environmental protection, and intellectual property right have become important determinants of national competitiveness. Developed countries actively support technological research and development and set regulations to protect international environment. For example, Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) is an European legislation which bans hazardous substances in semiconductor and electronic industries and requests for recycle and management of waste products.

      CTCI Foundation has completed related data analysis of ISO 14001, eco-label, energy star, energy label, green building label, green building material label, and other certifications such as WEEE, RoHS, GHS. Based on the work in 2005, we will continue to expand categories under studies, and explore strength and weakness of each certification in order to serve as a reference point for government and industries.


The Opinions and Suggestions












Integration of certifications of ESCO energy efficiency and greenhouse gas reduction(2006)  














Related Measures and Development of Certifications for European Union WEEE and RoHS Directives(2006)  











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