The CTCI Enterprise Visit is one of the best group trips I have ever had in Taiwan. All credits of the event go to the organizing team. The overall management was really good and efficient. The staff was really good and helpful throughout the trip. The enterprise visit was quite a learning experience about the working culture in Taiwan. I was able to meet many other students and develop some good contacts with these friends from different countries and working backgrounds. Apart from this, the transportation between the venues was quite comfortable. The hotel rooms were cozy and the food was delicious. I would like to thank the CTCI Foundation for arranging very good accommodation facilities. Being part of this program also opens the door to possible opportunities to work in Taiwan. During this enterprise visit, I came to realize the importance of Chinese communication skills for finding a job in Taiwan. Overall, this enterprise visit allowed me to link up with people of similar interests, to constitute a comprehensive learning experience that would be helpful for my career ahead. To sum up, I would like to really thank the organizing committee and praise them for all the efforts they put into making this trip a great experience for all of us. I believe that CTCI Foundation tried their best. I am highly impressed by the overall trip and would love to recommend my friends for future enterprise trips.