First of all, I would like to commend CTCI Foundation and all the staffs for an absolutely wonderful trip. I can say that 2018 Enterprise Visit for International Graduate Students is one of the most memorable trips during my stay in Taiwan. This activity was a great opportunity for international students to learn the different industries in Taiwan. I was in awe when I saw the advanced and effective technology used in productions. The gap between academic studies and industrial application was narrowed in my mind after the trips, which helps me to effectively set a career plan. Also, this was a chance for me to meet friends who are also searching jobs in Taiwan and we shared valuable information with each other. I got a clearer picture on what areas I should improve on. I am likewise very grateful to InvesTaiwan, where I learned very helpful tips and information on seeking a job in Taiwan. Also with the assistance of ‘Contact Taiwan’, I am confident to start a career in Taiwan. In the future, I look forward to join ‘InvesTaiwan’. More than that, I hope InvesTaiwan will continue to be a companion for foreigners living in Taiwan. CTCI Corp. and TOPCO Scientific have left deep impressions in my mind. They introduced their business and explained questions from us very well. They were also very welcoming and patient. Hence, making me set a goal to be an asset for these companies in the near future. The introduction and tour from other companies were also well organized. This trip made me realize that direct interaction with companies is very essential as it opens my mind and made me see the weaknesses that I need to work on to have a great career in Taiwan. Sightseeing on the third day was also commendable. It was not only for enjoyment and relaxation, but the destination was also linked to the enterprise we had previously visited, which made me see how technology can be applied in reality. The trip was carefully planned and very organized. Communication was never a problem. Organizer was constantly sending emails before the trip and Line messages throughout the trip. They guided us carefully and made us always ready for the next stops. Meals, accommodation and transportation were perfect. I appreciate all the staffs who spent a lot of time and worked very hard for this trip to be successful. Overall, the trip was perfect, and I hope CTCI Foundation will continue to host this activity. This is a wonderful chance to link international students to business. I would definitely recommend my friends and juniors to participate this activity in the following years.