Om Kumar Prasad

First, I would like to say thank you to all staff and their hospitality. I am glad to participate in the 2018 Enterprise Visit for international graduate student. This three-day trip made me think about Taiwanese corporations, which is the reason why a small island can become a diamond in Asia. In this trip, I found out that there are governmental entities working to make the overall environment more welcoming for international talents. InvestTaiwan is doing great to connect Asian countries and create more opportunities for business. We visited many companies and financial institutions. Nevertheless, I see working opportunities are available, but dragging down foreigners’ opportunity is the language barrier. So I would highly recommend all foreign students to learn Chinese as it will open up more job opportunities in Taiwan. Throughout this trip, we saw first-hand TOPCO’s high standard technology with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates, as well as energy efficiency, local motor manufacturer. And Foxgreen’s biological fermentation is an amazing innovation for creating a better global environment. They produce EM which is made up of lactic acid, in nature farming soil neutralization, water purification, sewage treatment, kitchen waste composting, flowers gardening, home environment and pet life. I would like to bring back to my countries this kind of production. CTBC’s great potential is using new technology which is interesting. We not only got to see different processes and machineries running live projects, but also learned about internships and job opportunities here. Throughout this trip, I met many good friends and I never thought I would have such chance to know friends from so many countries. Overall, the trip was interesting, enriching and positive. I would strongly recommend the Enterprise Visit to my students in the future. Please accept my sincere gratitude!