Pham Thi Thuy Dung (Luha)

The program of enterprise visit had just finished a few days ago, but my feeling seems to never end. This was such a wonderful three-day trip that is hard for me to forget. Thanks to CTCI Foundation so much for giving me as well as other participants this great chance to visit many Taiwanese enterprises and popular attractions. I really appreciate CTCI Foundation and InvesTaiwan staffs that joined us during the trip. All of them were super kind and took care of us through three days and I did not feel any distance. Being a Ph.D student means that I write and publish a lot of papers. Some people may think it might just theoretical. The 2018 Enterprise Visit was a great chance for me to reinforce my practical observation and experience of how firms of different industries operate their business and manage organizational mechanism. This field trip will benefit my current and future research project which I am studying about dynamic capabilities view (DCV) exploring how Taiwanese companies manipulate their existing knowledge and resource base to turn them into new knowledge and competitive advantages, aiming to respond to the fast-shifting business environment. Furthermore, I do believe that the visits will help me to gain a deeper understanding of Taiwan’s corporations as well as working environment, so that all of these experiences will better my knowledge and help me to prepare for future career in Taiwan. As the main goal of the 2018 Enterprise Visit is to bring together positive interactions between corporations and international talents, I think the CTCI Foundation did a great job, and the participants and I had learnt about Taiwan’s corporations and shared our ideas with each other. I sincerely thank CTCI for offering me this unforgettable three-day field trip.