I would like to thank the CTCI Foundation for organizing such wonderful trip for international students. In my opinion, in Taiwan the gap between the foreign students and Taiwanese companies is big and I am glad that CTCI Foundation is doing a great job to match both parties. In this visit, CTCI Foundation has shown us a path to build our career in Taiwan. As an IT student, I am always intrigued by the technology. And I found that Taiwanese companies are using the latest technologies to make world class quality products. Our trip started with visit to InvesTaiwan. They provided information about the visa process, work permit and other formalities, which are really helpful to international students. During the first two days, we visited companies, such as CTCI Corporation, E.SUN Bank, Foxgreen, Taiwan Life Insurance and TOPCO Scientific, where we got a chance to learn about the organizations, working environments, products and services, facilities and corporate cultures. CTCI Corporation, which was established in 1979 and specializes as a leading EPC firm in Taiwan. The company is mainly focused on engineering design, procurement, fabrication, construction, supervision, and project management. Until today, it spans across 15 countries with 7,400 employees worldwide. We visited one of the popular banks in Taiwan and it is called E.SUN Bank. I was really impressed because they use all the latest technology to serve their clients. I think this is the reason why E.SUN bank is awarded as the best bank in Taiwan. We also visited Taiwan Life Insurance, Foxgreen, and TOPCO Scientific. I was really impressed by TOPCO, which mainly provides components required in the semiconductor, LCD and LED industries. They also focus on environmental protection and offer service to alternative energy sectors. Anyo Museum in Yilan is established by TOPCO. It is responsible for manufacturing and sales of safe food products. Apart from Anyo, we also got the chance to visit some cultural and traditional sites of Taiwan. We visited the KILI Bay Pearl Milk Tea Cultural Center and the National Center for Traditional Arts, where we could experience the traditional village, aerobatics, theater, music and dance and traditional arts. Inside Wenchang temple, traditional Taiwanese lifestyles and folk culture were displayed. At the very last, I would like to thank the staffs who were always with us during the trip and making this trip memorable.