First of all, I really want to say thanks to the CTCI Foundation for giving me the opportunity. This event was very important for foreign students like me. I have been staying in Taiwan for almost 5 years, from studying of master to PhD courses. Because this event, my view of working in Taiwan has changed, and visiting companies give us the opportunity to work in Taiwan. I think the purpose of the event was successfully applied. My comments on our agendas are as follows: 1. InvesTaiwan:The presentation was very interesting, and the explanations, which about the general qualification for foreign professionals to work in Taiwan and the benefits of Entrepreneur Visa, have changed my mind about careers in Taiwan. 2. CTCI Corporation:The explanation was very interesting because it relates to my major, especially in the field of engineering. CTCI is renowned as a leader in reliable engineering services across Asia, the Middle East and the Americas. The things that interest me are project engineering management, HSE engineering, piping engineering, electrical engineering, instrumentation and control engineering, mechanical and equipment engineering, process engineering, civil engineering (incl. structural, geotechnical, architectural engineering), cleanroom engineering, nuclear engineering, system integration engineering and landscaping. 3. E.Sun Bank:It is one of the best banks in Taiwan and we were very interested in the facilities. 4. Foxgreen:It is the best company in the field of biotechnology, and processing wasted food. The products are very good, but for some Asian countries, the price is still expensive. Foxgreen welcomes foreigners to join them, which was something wonderful for us to know. 5. Taiwan Life Insurance:The company was founded in 1947 and is based in Taipei City, Taiwan. It offers guarantee type, investment type, annuity type, additional/endorsements, group insurance, travel insurance, and micro-insurance products, and housing loan, car loan, and exchange services. 6. TOPCO:As a total solution provider in high tech industries, they have always based upon professionalism to expand new business areas and introduce new products, technology and services to customers. We are much appreciated that TOPCO gave us career opportunities, even though we were not engineering backgrounds. For tourist attractions, I liked ANYO Museum, Milk Tea Culture Centre, and National Center for Traditional Arts. Yilan is a beautiful and cool place, and Taiwanese culture is very interesting. I think it is “PERFECT” and I did enjoy it, and I hope to participate every year.