Tamene Simachew Zeleke

First of all, I would like to acknowledge all the stakeholders who organized and sponsored this event. I think one objective of the programme is to give awareness to the international community about beautiful Taiwan. You did a great job on the trip from August 29-31 and I believed that the goal of the trip has been achieved. For the first day, during visits to InvesTaiwan and CTCI Corporation, the delegated stakeholders of both organizations presented their companies vision, mission, and interests clearly. From their introductions, I was very interested in knowing the future interests of the organizations, and their responses to the questions by participants were satisfying. The main goals of InvesTaiwan are very important for the future since it welcomes all the investments worldwide. I really appreciated the commitments of InvesTaiwan. At E.SUN Bank, we got vast details about the company and there was an interesting interaction with the attending group even though time for discussion is limited. The future banking system will be transformed to a new stage by applying advanced electronic technologies. The second day visit included Taiwan Life Insurance, TOPCO Scientific and Foxgreen. I was especially impressed by the Taiwan Life Insurance in the way they explained the meaning of life. TOPCO and Foxgreen presented very well, however it could be even better if they could showed us the manufacturing process. I think it would be interesting to observe the technology. The last day, we experienced both modern and traditional Taiwan buildings and culture. Now, I know Taiwan more during my three-year stay in Taipei. Finally, I would like to thank you for the services beyond my expectation and to the organizing team. Thank you again from Tamene Simachw.