I firmly believe the success of 2018 Enterprise Visit-Tier 2 at the end of August is the result of two valuable contributions. The first one is derived from the professional working style of CTCI Foundation staffs and the second is the diversified agenda. The trip gave us better understanding about each enterprise profile and recruitment requirements. CTCI Foundation has left good impression to each participant with its professionalism. Each participant at gathering point received an enterprise visit booklet, which contains information of the overview, establishments or achievements of companies. During the trip, CTCI announced information with participants was efficient. Participants always received timely and useful information via Line application and emails at the early contact. On the way heading to the business, there was also a brief introduction of the visiting corporation. CTCI staffs were extremely responsible for their works. Every time when we went to restaurants to enjoy delicious meals, the staff Ms. Chung always came to help us for arranging seats and food selection, and often ate late or even had no time for eating. Indeed, the staff cares about each participant. About the diverse itinerary and agenda, that we had spent more time in places in Taipei City, Taoyuan City and Yilan County with diversified fields, like governmental agency (InvesTaiwan), construction (CTCI Corp. which is the top 1 construction brand in Taiwan), banking (E.Sun Bank which named after the highest mountain in Taiwan), bio-fermenter (Foxgreen is the company with products in domestic waste treatment), high tech (TOPCO is a leading company in sustainable energy products) and insurance (Taiwan Life Insurance). This means that if there is any job vacancy from above enterprises, we will have fair opportunity for all participants. From my point of view, the visit was excellent and CTCI Foundation had built bridges between Taiwanese companies and international students successfully.