Vicente Queiroz

Hello! I was lucky to attend the CTCI Enterprise Visit for International Graduate Students in August 2018. First of all, I have to thank how well we were treated throughout the three days. I have nothing to complain, and my feedback and suggestions are in the next section, for having something to always improve on. The fact that presenters from agency of InvesTaiwan were invited to join the trip is a marvelous idea. We did have more time to exchange ideas, which allows us to know InvesTaiwan more than other companies. You could keep inviting them or other companies for future trips! I think the accommodation of this trip was excellent. I like the arrangement for my roommate, which pushes me to meet new friends. Everything was ready for us, no hassles like giving passport or ARC. I also like that the fact that after we arrive at the hotels, we had free time to relax. The Food was very good. I'm not picky. But I got seated in the table of people who don't eat Pork 2 times. I eat anything so it is ok for me. Maybe food selection could be more flexible. One thing that should be improved is in the selection of the enterprises. Not every company has a foreigner friendly practice. For example, the recruitment for E.SUN bank requires candidates know Chinese. But 85% of us can’t speak Chinese. Taiwan Life Insurance presentation should be presented by its HR department, so we could get more recruitment information.