Misganaw Alemu Zeleke

All the things I did during this enterprise visit trip will remain in my mind for a long time even after I turn to my home country. Oh my God! Through visits to these very important corporations, I have seen and realized how much Taiwan has developed. I wish these companies are coming to my country too! Specifically, when I heard how Foxgreen used natural fertilizers, I was very inspired. Foxgreen uses techniques to prevent environmental pollution that is very amazing. Foxgreen is an inspiration to me!!! Similarly, my school research topic is on "Environmental Protection from Contaminants". I synthesized catalysts which are required for the degradation or reduction of contaminants, like organic dyes or inorganic pollutants such as toxic hexavalent chromium and I know how they pollute or affect our environment. The sources for these environmental pollutants are like artificial fertilizers. I really appreciate all the visiting companies and the things they have done for us, their hospitality and services are great! They all gave a brief introduction, objective, and future goals and plan. I was very impressed by the people of Taiwan and their beautiful nature. I have been here in Taiwan for more than two years. The happiest time I have ever spent is this trip. Thank you very much once again! The coordinator was very responsible. I really appreciate Miss Chung. She took care of us from the bottom of her heart! Sometimes I looked at her during the meal time, she was as busy as a bee and asking everyone whether we have the right order! She is really lovely! She treats us like sister and brother. I miss her and would like to say "Thank you very much for all your support in every aspect." CTCI Foundation planned this visit very well! We talked a lot, we laughed, we discussed important issues, and I miss the group. You know what? I hope you could invite me again, because I miss everything. Thank you, everybody! Keep it up! Thank you!