Activity Report

This year's second-tier corporate visits were held from August 29 to 31. The itinerary included visits to well-known corporations including CTCI Corp., Foxgreen Corp., TOPCO Scientific Corp., E.SUN Bank, Taiwan Life Insurance Co. and governmental agency of InvesTaiwan. CTCI Corp. is a renowned leader in reliable engineering services across Asia, the Middle East and the Americas. Foxgreen, an ecology expert, is committed to green sustainable environmental protection, green energy and life health. TOPCO has utilized its high-tech expertise in the livelihood industry with considerable progress in food, healthcare, sports, and recreational areas. E.SUN Bank is Taiwan's best-performing and most respected bank. Taiwan Life Insurance offers a whole range of protection network on healthy and wealthy security to policyholders. The governmental agency of InvesTaiwan walks international students through essential topics of staying, living, and working in Taiwan. Activities on the third day include special tours to popular local sites in Yilan. ANYO Museum is a multi-million dollar tourism manufacturing facility established by the TOPCO for the demonstration of high quality food safety, freshness and convenience. Students learned about Taiwan’s famous pearl milk tea history and enjoyed bubble tea at Kili Bay Pearl Milk Tea Cultural Center. At the National Center for Traditional Arts, at their traditional Southern buildings and artistic theaters were performance of sound music and dances, and the charm of traditional crafts. The 2018 Tier Two Enterprise Visit drew to a successful close.