Lan Tran Thi Be

Once again your organization set up a successful visit trip. It's always a good opportunity to write a feedback of appreciation to express thanks and gratitude to CTCI Foundation who has provided assistance to participants, it seems to be the course of a job search in the workplace. Firstly, thank you very much for the enterprise visit trip that gave me a chance to know more about the target of program and Taiwanese enterprises. Secondly, I would like to share few words about the visit trip of CTCI Foundation. This is a practical and useful activity. It plays a role as the international bridge to connect between recruitment enterprise and the high quality human resources. I appreciate the efforts of program and another committee to hold this nice event. The event structure provides the opportunity to approach the top enterprises and explore the diversity of Taiwanese history, culture, and human that the potential candidates may easy harmonize, cooperate, and find friendly environment for study, work, life as well. It is really impressed with posture, gesture, attitude, and spirit of all CTCI members in their job. Especially, the whole trip is quite supported by CTCI foundation budget. Also, every participant could have gotten a high value certificate that is both leverage for future career and memorable gift in academic journey. Thirdly, my thoughts and experiences are limited, I recognised that it is entering a new growth phase on, your arrangement was very timely. I hope to maintain this upward momentum with quality plan. As one of the participants in this program, I are indeed grateful and willing to share information to promote your coverage to public. Whether a suitable match can be made between your qualifications and development's requirements is a question for future. ...If you’re looking for who is the best candidate after your review and interview for the future activity, you’ve come to the right place. The candidates can make the difference to expect getting hired and not rejected. It is good from start to finish, but it can definitely sway their decision if it’s neck-and-neck between the candidates!