Andreawan Honora

The program was very exciting, I am very grateful to CTCI and the accompanying staff because it was very well-organized. I can say all that was done for us was very full-service. Then, I am also happy to be able to meet with international friends who are very friendly and fun. The rundown of the program was quite interesting because we can interact directly with the companies, which is very rarely done by international students because most of us cannot speak Chinese. I was very surprised by the accommodation given to us because it was arguably very much beyond my expectations, it was amazing to be able to enjoy a night in a 4-star hotel. The food provided was also very unexpected because at first, I thought I only got lunch/dinner box, but it turned out eating in a restaurant in every mealtime and felt like family. Then, a birthday surprise for 2 of our friends was also very special in my opinion, because I did not expect CTCI to prepare the surprise. I really enjoyed the whole series of events prepared, this was my best experience in Taiwan because I had never before traveled to cities other than Taipei, Hualien, and Kaohsiung.