Andi Abdul Halik Lateko

This is the best event that i have followed so far in Taiwan. I have a chance to see the beauty of Taiwan. Taiwan is a beautiful country. I never regret my decision to choose Taiwan as my primary destination to continue my study. I really enjoy this event especially in the third day. Sun Moon Lake is one of the best place i have ever visit. Thank you for bring me there. This event also make me to have more friends from my country and from other countries. I also have a chance to visit the good company and know all the high technology that they used. They even give us the information about job application in their company. This is very useful for the one who wants to work here after they are graduated from the university in Taiwan. Especially for the postgraduate degree. CTCI and the team always care to all of the participants. That's makes all of us comfortable and enjoyed during the event. Just keep up the good work in the future. May god always blessed all of you. I hope I still have a chance to participate in another event sponsored by CTCI Foundation.