Norhazmil Shah Bin Hashim

A huge gratitude to CTCI foundation for having organized the 2019 Enterprise Visit. The event was held by extremely dedicated team who never ceased to ensure the whole event to be running seamlessly. Despite some difficulties faced by some participants, the team would still be able to make all things under control. There was no time where participants be left on their own but constantly fed with great experience throughout the event. The whole activities were carefully designed to meet the objective of the program. Although some of the participants were coming from different academic background, the program was still relevant to all as it is addressing topics that generally applicable to everyone rather than only to those from specific academic background. Participants were given opportunities to be introduced to enterprises in great details and to communicate with enterprises’ personnel in respect to matters relating to employment of international workforce as well as on any relevant queries the participants have. The opportunities to get to know the enterprises was a valuable one as some of the participants are considering developing their career in the country after graduating from respective university they are attending. Based from my personal observation, most of the enterprises visited were research-driven enterprises. Those enterprises would constantly be involved in the development of innovative products leveraged from the research activities they had performed. The strong research and development of new products and services by those enterprises would make them to become sustainably competitive for a long run. The other thing I noted throughout the visit was that some of the enterprises not just focussed on boosting their revenue through selling of ordinary products or services but also ensure those are of good quality and well-recognised by consumers . During the last day of the visit, participants were brought to several locations for excursion which include a visit to Taiwan Hakka Museum. I got an opportunity to understand and appreciate Hakka culture in Taiwan and this has further expanded my view about the diversity of culture in the country. Other excursion places were interesting places to visit as well. Additionally, as a participant of the Enterprise Visit 2019, I am grateful to CTCI Foundation for the given opportunity to getting to know and build professional relationship with participants who are of different background as well as the highly dedicated organising team. In nutshell, Enterprise Visit 2019 was a solid and well organized by CTCI Foundation and the organizing team. I would once again like to thank you for this valuable experience.