Bikila Alemu Jote

The industrial visit was very nice to me and I really enjoyed it. Each corporate we have visited was very competitive one as we came to learn from the introduction on about their corporations and this makes me admire them for their achievement in changing or stepping up Taiwan ahead of other countries in the world. In the future this kind of activities should be strengthen so that the involvement of the international graduate student can be increased and can attract more talent to the corporation in Taiwan. I think if each international graduate student gets involved in such event there will be more collaboration between different countries with Taiwan and there will be more market opportunities for the companies as well. In general the enterprise visit was good but the time was quite short to learn something more.The number of foreign employees in the companies is insignificant so this must be taken into account to dominate and use the market opportunity in this regard.Thank you so much once again for the opportunity given to me! God Bless!!!