2016 CTCI Science and Technology Scholarship Award Ceremony


The 105th CTCI Foundation Science and Technology Scholarship Award Ceremony hold on the 14th floor Conference Room of the Civil Service Development Institute (CSDI) at 10:00 am on December 17 (Saturday). Chairman of the board-Dr. Pan Wen-Yan, made a personal appearance at the Ceremony. Chairman Pan said that CTCI Foundation has insisted on the responsibility of science and technology public welfare, which has been awarded the “Scholarship for International Graduate Students" since 3 years ago (2014).It is also a matter for the government to actively promote and hoping good international talents to stay in Taiwan. He stressed that the CTCI Foundation as a science and technology public welfare group, which focus on energy and environment-related areas issues and other important topics actively promoted by the government over the years, present related research raised up to 80 and publish More than 40 related books, for example, the recent concern of the circular economy issues, CTCI Foundation has begun to explore 8 years ago, so its research in many important issues is the leading domestic community! Distinguished guest- Former Vice President Mr. Vincent Siew encouraged the award-winning students, CTCI Foundation S&T scholarship sponsor students to complete their studies in science, technology and engineering category and hope them in the workplace to become outstanding business talent and contribute for National and industrial development, but also stressed characteristics of CTCI Foundation S&T scholarship about rigorous review process, long history, and high award, which has now become an indicator of domestic scholarship. Keynote speeches guest- NCKU president Dr. Su Huey-Jen, with the theme of "Shaping the Foundation, Engineering the Future", encouraged young students to look at the world as a whole and look for connection in a seemingly different area. Balance show the integrated and analytical thinking ability; combination your own learning and the world of all and continuous innovation! The winning student's teacher, including NTNU president-Dr. Chang, NCKU president- Dr. Su (also a keynote speaker), TPCU president-Dr. Lien, NTUST vice president-Dr. Chiang, representative of the NTUT president- Dr. Wei, and 14 advisors from 10 universities also come to the award ceremony to encourage students. In addition, the chairman of CTCI Group- John T. Yu, CEO-Mr. Xiao and CEO-Mr. Yi , the reviewer for scholarship-academician-Dr. Lin , general manager of Taiwanese oil company-Mr. Chen and many other guests, nearly 160 people attended the event including winning students, teachers, relatives and friends, and the president and colleagues and other.

  In 2016 CTCI Foundation Science and Technology Scholarship, we awarded 17 students for the "Research Scholarship"; 14 individuals (groups) for the "Innovation Scholarship" and 19 students for the "Research Scholarship for International Graduate Students". Each student (group) was awarded a scholarship NT$ 150,000 and Chinese/English Certificate of merit, at the meanwhile, 7students also awarded “Living Grants for International Graduate Students", who can receive NT$ 100,000 each. Each student was awarded scholarship and Chinese/English Certificate of merit by the Former Vice President Mr. Vincent Siew, and had photo taken with all honored guests.


2016 CTCI Foundation Science and Technology Scholarship Booklet (5725.51 KB) pdf