2015 CTCI Science and Technology Scholarship Award Ceremony


The 104th CTCI Foundation Science and Technology Scholarship Award Ceremony and symposium hold on the 14th floor Conference Room of the Civil Service Development Institute (CSDI) at 10:00 am on December 19 (Saturday). Chairman of the board-Dr. Pan Wen-Yan, made a personal appearance at the Ceremony. Chairman Pan emphasized the purpose of the “CTCI Foundation Science and Technology Scholarship” is not only to cultivating and awarding outstanding domestic talents in “Research” and “Innovation” of science and technology, and at the same time awarded the “Research Scholarship for International Graduate Students" to help students successfully complete their studies and increase their willingness to work in Taiwan after graduation. Chairman Pan said that the country’s development must have an open mind and a macro perspective, and if thinking international talented people will lead to the idea that the Trojan horse is being slaughtered or thoughts closed, etc. are obstacles to the development of the country. He said that the reason why the United States has become a world power, absorbing international talent and an open environment is one of the important factors! In addition, speeches by distinguished guests Dr. Chen, Li Jun, who is the Distinguished Chair Professor of Tsinghua University, took the theme of “Promoting the Power of the Future - The Impact of Digital Technology” and encouraged young students to understand that we are already in the torrent of the digital era. The rapid development of digital technology is absolutely beyond our Imagination and influence will not be far away. Students should not be afraid of the impact of the digital technology era, who must think and use it. In the end, Professor Chan also used the words " ‟ Work saves us from three evils: boredom, vice and need ” from Father of French Thought - Voltaire" to share with young students, NCKU president Dr. Su and TPCU president-Dr. Lien came to the scene as a distinguished guest to cheer and encourage the winning students. The winning student's professors from different universities also come to the award ceremony to encourage students. In addition, the reviewer for scholarship -Dr. Lin, Dr. Zhao and many other guests, such as national policy advisor to the president- Dr. Chan, the chairman of CTCI Group- John T. Yu, nearly 140 people attended the event including winning students, teachers, relatives and friends, and the president and colleagues and other.

  In 2015 CTCI Scholarship, we awarded 15 students for the "Science and Technology Scholarship"; 15 individuals (groups) for the "Creative Scholarship" and 10 students for the "Scholarship for International Graduate Students". Each student (group) was awarded a scholarship NT$ 150,000 and Chinese/English Certificate of merit, each student was awarded scholarship and Chinese/English Certificate of merit by the chairman-Dr. Pan Wen-Yan, chairman of CTCI Group- John T. Yu, national policy advisor to the president- Dr. Chan, Hou-Sheng and distinguished chair professor of NTHU- Dr. Chen, Li-Jun, and had photo taken with all honored guests.





2015 CTCI Foundation Science and Technology Scholarship Booklet (2199.84 KB) pdf