2021 CTCI Science and Technology Scholarship Award Ceremony

undefinedOn the morning of December 11th, the 2021 CTCI Science and Technology Scholarship Award Ceremony was held in the International Conference Hall of the Center for Public and Business Administration Education, NCCU, Taipei.

Chairman of CTCI Foundation, Dr. Wen-Yan Pan, stated that “CTCI Science and Technology Scholarship” is one of the most important scholarships in Taiwan and has been held for 59 consecutive years in his opening remarks. A total of 9 professors and 137 students won this year, which is hitting a record high in history.

This year the award ceremony not only invited the supervising professors to attend, but also included the professor’s photo in this year’s memorial handbook, which is an expression of gratitude to the teachers for cultivating students wholeheartedly. Since the CTCI Science and Technology Scholarship was firstly awarded in 1963, as of last year, 3,895 outstanding students have won the awards (excluding this year’s winners), and more than 2,600 scholarship winners have been reconnected, of which about a quarter now works in academia, 59% enter the industry, and about two-thirds of the international graduate students stayed in Taiwan after graduation, making many contributions to the development of domestic technology and industry.

Former Vice President Mr. Vincent Siew said in his speech that it is obvious to all that the CTCI Foundation has successfully cultivated scientific and technological talents and made a successful transformation over the last ten years under the leadership of Chairman Pan. He hopes that the CTCI Foundation will continue to work hard for the purpose of being visionary, beneficial and sustainable to the society and create a win-win situation for both talents, industries and our country.

General manager of LiveStrong Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., Dr. Zi Huan Cheng as our keynote speech speaker and also the Scholarship winner in year 2010, gave a speech on the subject of “Learning, thinking, and self-expectation of the people from Science and Engineering” and shared his point of view and career experience to the congregation. Moreover, there are distinguish guests like the Chairman of CTCI Corporation, Zongxing Yang and more than 20 other special guests, winning student's supervisors, families, and CTCI Foundation’s directors and colleagues, over 230 people attended this awarding ceremony.

undefinedIn 2021 CTCI Foundation Science and Technology Scholarship, 19 students won the "Research Scholarship"; 49 students won the "Innovation Scholarship" and 25 students won the "Research Scholarship for International Graduate Students". Each student was awarded NT$150,000 and a certificate of merit. In addition, 18 students won the “Financial Aid for International Graduate Students", and awarded a scholarship of NT$ 100,000. A total of 108 outstanding students won the above awards.

The theme of 2021 CTCI Foundation AI Innovation Competition is “AI in Agriculture, Forestry, Fishery, and Animal Husbandry”. The first prize was NT$ 400,000, the second prize was NT$ 300,000, the third prize was NT$ 200,000, and the honorable mention was NT$ 50,000. There are total of 7 exhibits, 38 teachers and students won the prize. The presenters of the award this year includes the Former Vice President Mr. Vincent Siew, Chairman of CTCI Foundation-Dr. Wen-Yan Pan, and Chairman of CTCI Corporation-Mr. Zongxing Yang, Superintendent of Wei-Gong Memorial Hospital-Dr. Tzen-Wen Chen. Finally, winners all had group photos taken with all the honored guests and the award ceremony came to a successful conclusion.

In the coming year (2022), the CTCI Science and Technology Scholarship Award will reach its 60th anniversary. It is planned to combine with the previous scholarship winners to organize campus speeches, entrepreneurial dialogues, and a reunion celebration party for all the award winners. We expect by accumulating the more experience and energy of all scholarship winners, the more opportunities we can create for interdisciplinary cooperation, and make greater contributions to talent cultivation and industrial development.




2021 CTCI Foundation Science and Technology Scholarship Book (7830.04 KB) pdf