2022 CTCI Foundation Science and Technology Scholarship Award Ceremony

undefinedOn the morning of December 17th, the 2022 CTCI Foundation Science and Technology Scholarship Award Ceremony was held in the International Conference Hall of the Center for Public and Business Administration Education, NCCU, Taipei. More than 200 people, including special guests, advisors of scholarship recipients, family members, CTCI Foundation directors, and colleagues, attended the ceremony.

The Chairman of the CTCI Foundation, Dr. Wenent Pan, stated that this year coincides with the "60th Anniversary of CTCI Engineering Education and Scholarship"; thus, the CTCI Foundation held a celebratory tea party on October 5th for this special occasion and invited scholarship recipients and panel members. Over 4,000 students have received the awards to date. In addition, the CTCI Foundation has also tracked 2,793 scholarship recipients, of which 20% have become university professors, and more than 50% have entered the industry, making great contributions to domestic technological progress and industrial development. These outstanding scholarship recipients include Dr. C. C. Wei, CEO of TSMC, Dr. Stan Shih, Founder of Acer Group, and Mr. Michael Yang, Chairman of CTCI Corporation, etc.

The CTCI Foundation Scholarship strengthened academic research. Chairman Pan said that although Taiwan has a population of only 23 million, an international journal published by the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineering is still among the best in the world. He used this example to encourage students who are working hard in science. In the future, the CTCI Foundation will continue to advance and enrich talents, and strive to cultivate talents for the next 60 years.

The Former Vice President, Mr. Vincent Siew, said in his speech that CTCI Foundation has successfully nurtured the scientific and technological talents and impressively contributed to the economic development of Taiwan under the leadership of Chairman Pan over the last ten years. He hopes that the CTCI Foundation will continue to work hard for the purpose of being visionary, beneficial and sustainable to the society and create a win-win situation for both talents, industries and our country. He also encouraged all students to cultivate a lifelong learning attitude with both depth and breadth, just like the well-known "empty jar philosophy" of Mr. Kwoh-Ting Li, Former Minister of Economy and Minister of Finance

The keynote speaker, Honorary Chair Professor of National Tsing Hua University, Dr. Chin-Tay Shih, gave a speech on the subject of “The Attitude of Life I Have Learned from the School” and shared personal and career experience to the audiences. Dr. Shih encouraged the students that everyone is the director and actor of their own life, and the script of life should be written by themselves.

undefinedThis year, a total of 92 outstanding students from 12 universities were awarded the scholarships: 22 for the Research Scholarship, 37 for the Innovation Scholarship, 22 for the Research Scholarship for International Graduate Students, and 11 for the Financial Aid for International Graduate Students. Students of the first three types of scholarships received a NT$150,000 prize and a certificate of merit each; Students of the fourth type of scholarship received a NT$ 100,000 each.

The theme of the 2022 CTCI Foundation AI Innovation Competition was “AI and Life”. The first, second and third prize were NT$ 400,000, NT$ 300,000 and NT$ 200,000, while the honorable mention was NT$ 50,000. A total of 7 pieces of work from 37 teachers and students shared the prizes.

The award presenters this year include the Former Vice President Mr. Vincent Siew, the Chairman of the CTCI Foundation Dr. Wenent Pan, the Chairman of CTCI Group Mr. John Yu, and the CEO of the CTCI Foundation Mr. Paul Chen. More than 20 distinguished guests, including the scholarship recipients' advisors, also were invited to the award ceremony to congratulate the students. The ceremony concluded cozily.




2022 CTCI Foundation Science and Technology Scholarship Book (9197.44 KB) pdf