2017 CTCI Science and Technology Scholarship Award Ceremony


The 106th CTCI Science and Technology Scholarship Award Ceremony hold on the 10th floor Conference Room 1001 of the Chang Yung-Fa Foundation’s International Convention Center at 10:00 am on December 16 (Saturday). Chairman of the board-Dr. Wen-Yan Pan, made a personal appearance at the Ceremony. Chairman Pan said that “CTCI Science and Technology Scholarship” has been awarded to approximately 3,700 excellent students since 1963. After these students entering into the job market, it has brought excellent results of scientific and technological progress and industrial development of the country, such as Acer Group founder, honorary chairman-Stan Shih, who is the earliest winner of CTCI Science and Technology Scholarship. In addition, many other technology-related industry founders or senior professional managers, have also won the "CTCI Science and Technology Scholarship", including the chairman of Swancor Group, Chao-Yang Tsai, CEO of Alcor Micro Corporation, Qi-Dong Zhang, co-CEO of TSMC, Dr. C.C. Wei, deputy chairman of Formosa Chemicals & Fiber Corp.(FCFC), Fu-Yuan Hong, as well as a number of people invited to overseas well-known international companies to play a leader in the expertise. Distinguished guest- Former Vice President Mr. Vincent Siew pointed out that the winners of "CTCI Science and Technology Scholarship" include generations of strong, middle and young scholars and has been devoted to industries across manufacturing, technology, information and biomedicine. In addition, in recent years, in order to cultivating international talents, CTCI Foundation provides scholarships to international students who are studying in Taiwan. The scholarships sponsor students to complete their studies in science, technology and engineering category and hope them in the workplace to become outstanding business talent and contribute for National and industrial development. Besides, CTCI Foundation also invited the chairman of Topco Group-Dr. J.W. Kuo, who won 2017 “EY Entrepreneur of The Year” and 19th “National Manager Excellence Award”, to be a Keynote speaker and share his knowledge and experiences of career development to winning students. In addition, the chairman of CTCI Group- John T. Yu, the reviewer for scholarship-academician-Dr. Lin, general manager of Taiwanese oil company-Mr. Chen and many other guests such as winning student's supervisors、families and friends and CTCI Foundation’s directors, nearly 200 people attended this awarding ceremony.

    In 2017 CTCI Foundation Science and Technology Scholarship, 16 students won the "Research Scholarship"; 15 individuals (groups) won the "Innovation Scholarship" and 23 students won the "Research Scholarship for International Graduate Students". Each student (group) was awarded a scholarship NT$ 150,000 and Chinese/English Certificate of merit, in addition, 21 students won the “Living Grants for International Graduate Students", each student was awarded a scholarship NT$ 100,000. There are 95 winning students from 12 universities awarded by the Former Vice President Mr. Vincent Siew, chairman of the board-Dr. Wen-Yan Pan and CTCI Group’s chairman - John T. Yu, after that, winners had photo taken with all honored guests.


2017 CTCI Foundation Science and Technology Scholarship Booklet (5725.51 KB) pdf