2020 CTCI Science and Technology Scholarship Award Ceremony

 The 2020 CTCI Science and Technology Scholarship Award Ceremony hold on the 10th floor Conference Room 1001 of the Chang Yung-Fa Foundation’s International Convention Center at 10:00 am on December 19 (Saturday).Chairman of CTCI Foundation, Dr. Wen-Yan Pan, was made a personal appearance at the Ceremony. Chairman Pan said that “CTCI Science and Technology Scholarship” is one of the most important scholarships in Taiwan. It has been hold for 58 consecutive years. The amount of scholarship awarded has exceeded NT$ 10,000,000 every year.

There are a total of 87 award-winning students this year, of which 40 are overseas graduate students. CTCI Foundation has been awarding scholarships for international graduate students since year 2014. The survey showed that 65% of the international scholarships recipients stayed in Taiwan to develop their career after graduation. Taiwan is currently facing the problem of talents gap due to negative population growth and aging society. We believe the establishment of scholarships has a positive impact on the talents cultivation overall.

President of Academia Sinica Dr. James Liao, was invited to give a remark. He stated that CTCI foundation was doing an astonish work in cultivating science and technology professionals. Under the leadership of Chairman Pan, CTCI foundation will continue to make more contributions to Taiwanese society.

Mr. Michael Yang, the chairman of CTCI Corporation is the scholarship winner in year 1985 and our keynote speech speaker. He not only encouraged the award-winning students, but also shared his career experience and new knowledge. Moreover, many winning student's supervisors, families, friends and CTCI Foundation’s directors, nearly 200 people attended this awarding ceremony.

In 2020 CTCI Foundation Science and Technology Scholarship, 19 students won the "Research Scholarship"; 12 individuals (groups) won the "Innovation Scholarship" and 21 students won the "Research Scholarship for International Graduate Students". Each student was awarded a scholarship NT$ 150,000 and Chinese/English Certificate of merit. In addition, 19 students won the “Living Grants for International Graduate Students", each student was awarded a scholarship NT$ 100,000. A total of 87 outstanding students won the above awards.

The theme of 2020 CTCI Foundation AI Innovation Competition is "AI and Health". The first prize of each theme was NT$ 400,000, the second prize was NT$ 300,000, the third prize was NT$ 200,000, and the honorable mention was NT$ 50,000. A total of 8 exhibits, 38 teachers and students won.

The presenters of award ceremony this year includes Group Chairman of CTCI Group-Mr. John Yu, President of Academia Sinica-Dr. James Liao, Chairman of CTCI Foundation-Dr. Wen-Yan Pan, Former President of National Taiwan Normal University-Prof. Kuo-En Chang, Superintendent of Wei-Gong Memorial Hospital-Dr. Tzen-Wen Chen. After that, winners had photo taken with all honored guests.




2020 CTCI Foundation Science and Technology Scholarship Book (31553.64 KB) pdf