Particpant Feedback

Martin Flemming Panggabean (National Chung Hsing University (NCHU)/國立中興大學 Indonesia/印尼)

Everything from the enterprise visit was perfect, and I have to say it is the best visit I have ever had during so many years living in Taiwan. We really enjoyed the enterprises' presentations. During the companies’ presentations, the participants had the opportunity to ask questions and visit the operation sites. This allowed positive, active, and direct exchanges of experiences between visitors and host companies. However, in terms of job opportunities, I realize that Chinese language proficiency is also part of the company's necessary requirements to hire employees for their business. On the side, the accommodation in every city was very good—all the hotels were upscale and I had very good sleep as the rooms were very comfortable. Our travel from one destination to the next was seamless and very well planned to save as much time as possible and the process was a great experience in itself. Moreover, the foods were so delicious. And the driver was very good with his driving and drove very safely. The bus was also very clean and comfortable. It is really high-class visit. In summary, the whole trip was extremely well-organized and offered so much more than we expected with all the interesting side trips on the third day, sightseeing, and a lot of surprises. Thanks to CTCI Foundation because the enterprise visit went well and we were very satisfied. Thank you very much for having arranged the magnificent trip we took!!

Gilang Baswara Anggara Putra (National Central University (NCU)/國立中央大學 Indonesia/印尼)

The 2018 Enterprise Visit held by the CTCI Foundation gave me a chance to learn a lot of new knowledge about enterprises and their factory operation in Taiwan. All the companies we visited are good and appropriate in the Industry 4.0 era. Few industries are categorized as steady industries such as China Steel Corporation and Boltun Corporation. CSC, which produces steel, improves its product quality by learning from different kinds of industries; while Boltun, which produces fasteners, adapts methods such as enlarging the range of industry to P2C by opening the Pineapple cake bakery store. I personally think CSC and Boltun have very good business models. In addition, these companies provided useful information about strategies on their industrial expansions in the future. Useful and emerging technologies were introduced, which opened new perspectives for these industries in the future. The trip also included sightseeing. The attractions we visited were interesting, especially the Taiwan Glass Factory. This helped us to know Taiwan’s culture. Through this Enterprise Visit event aims for international graduate students, all of us are able to understand how Taiwan conquers various industries globally. We learn a lot of new knowledge and company strategies on how to run business. Most important, this activity is an eye opening experience that could expand our job opportunities in Taiwan.

Dashnyam Chuluunkhuu (National Chin-Yi University of Technology (NCUT)/國立勤益科技大學 Mongolia/蒙古)

For the enterprise visit activity, I remember on the first day, it was rainy while we were gathering around the meeting hall. Then our adventure started even though it was pouring rain outside. I knew from before that Taiwan has advanced technology, from the visit, not only did I get to see very high technological development, but I also saw wonderful art performance. We visited China Steel Corp., Uni-President Enterprises Corp. and other international manufacturers in Taiwan. I have to say thanks to all of the hosting corporations as they were very kind and helpful to everyone. In the last day, we travelled together through old sugar train station of Suan Tou Sugar Factory, Glass Museum and Bantaoyao. All of us had a lot of fun and enjoyed much from the trip. During the visits, I saw some foreigners who are working in Taiwanese factories and they have inspired me even though they did not speak Mandarin well—they were all trying to do their best. Personally, working abroad is a very unique experience for me in life. CTCI Foundation staffs organized this wonderful visit, and moreover, they tried to help us to explore job opportunities, as well as assistant us to stay on this beautiful island. In addition, I met new friends from different countries, learning about each other’s culture and helping each other out during the trip. A friend from Indonesia in particular has perspective that was completely different from mine. We exchanged ideas and thoughts about studies and many things. We are still keeping in touch, and now I have very good friends who are studying in other universities and in other cities of Taiwan. The CTCI staffs were helpful to everyone, talking and treating students with kindness. What I learned is that, kindness is not only helping people on daily aspects, but also treating them with kindness. The students were from different countries, but we were all treated as the same without difference. I would really like to say thanks to all CTCI staffs who guided me throughout this great trip to visit companies and local attractions. This enterprise visit was very wonderful and there were a lot of enjoyment and new experiences in my life. We had been together only for three days, but I felt these days were very interesting and enjoyed a lot. Thank you CTCI Foundation!

Bui Thi Hiep ( National Cheng Kung University (NCKU)/國立成功大學 Vietnam/越南)

The 2018 Enterprise Visit activity had been very enjoyable. I really want to give thanks to the CTCI Foundation, accompanying staffs, InvesTaiwan, all enterprises and fellow participants. I thoroughly enjoyed the three-day trip, and believe it is one of the best activities for international students who want to work in Taiwan after graduation. The best thing about this activity is that, it helps me to understand the current developing trends of enterprises and technologies which are applied in industries today. From there, I can build a suitable roadmap to fulfill my ambition to apply computer science and information engineering in the industry, as well as contribute to the development of society in general. Through visits to the enterprises, I realize that besides having good professional skills, Chinese proficiency is one of the most important requirements for finding a good job in Taiwan. This is a message which I will inform my international friends. And it would be a great omission if I forgot to mention our sightseeing on the third day of the activity. We visited various famous and interesting places in Chiayi and Changhua, places where we were immersed in beautiful nature and interesting stories of the country. I benefited tremendously from the 2018 Enterprise Visit. I will definitely introduce it to my friends, so that the benefits and meaning of the activity will be widely shared with everyone. Once again, I would like to send my deepest thanks to the CTCI Foundation, and especially accompanying staffs who worked really hard to give us a really great activity. I appreciate greatly and I am grateful for the assistance and support.