Particpant Feedback

VIPUL DUBEY (National Taipei University of Technology (NTUT)/國立臺北科技大學 India/印度)

The CTCI Enterprise Visit is one of the best group trips I have ever had in Taiwan. All credits of the event go to the organizing team. The overall management was really good and efficient. The staff was really good and helpful throughout the trip. The enterprise visit was quite a learning experience about the working culture in Taiwan. I was able to meet many other students and develop some good contacts with these friends from different countries and working backgrounds. Apart from this, the transportation between the venues was quite comfortable. The hotel rooms were cozy and the food was delicious. I would like to thank the CTCI Foundation for arranging very good accommodation facilities. Being part of this program also opens the door to possible opportunities to work in Taiwan. During this enterprise visit, I came to realize the importance of Chinese communication skills for finding a job in Taiwan. Overall, this enterprise visit allowed me to link up with people of similar interests, to constitute a comprehensive learning experience that would be helpful for my career ahead. To sum up, I would like to really thank the organizing committee and praise them for all the efforts they put into making this trip a great experience for all of us. I believe that CTCI Foundation tried their best. I am highly impressed by the overall trip and would love to recommend my friends for future enterprise trips.

Veeramani Rajendran (National Taipei University of Technology (NTUT)/國立臺北科技大學 India/印度)

I would like to thank the CTCI Foundation for organizing the enterprise visit for international students to enlighten their industrial knowledge. I also would like to give special thanks to CTCI Foundation staffs during the trip for their friendliness and caretaking. This visit is really fruitful to international students because it creates a good platform for international graduate students to understand the industrial requirements for work and employment in Taiwan. The visit covers different kinds of industries including steel, opt-electronic, textile, manufacturing, and food processing industries; this is actually a good idea as it is beneficial for students to meet their dream industry based on their educational and research interests. The visit also offers a chance to learn new and interesting things which are outside students’ research circles. My feedback for the visited corporations and the visit is listed below: 1) The presentation by InvesTaiwan speakers helped us to know more information about the procedure of applying for a work permit. It also helped us to know more about the types of VISA, respective advantages and requirements. This is really useful. 2) The policy of green working environment by the Everest Textiles seems to be very attractive and unique. The strategies of “moonshot thinking 5+5 global distribution plan” and practice of Artificial Intelligence during their manufacturing process demonstrate their future forecasting capability. 3) Uni-President Enterprises is one of the unforgettable enterprises from the visit. I was so excited when I heard it is the manufacturer of daily products sold at 7-11 convenience stores. I appreciate the company’s statement that the addition of new things is always required for business to turn successful. I am so happy to hear that they are going to start business in India very soon. 4) The visit to Boltun Corporation created ever-lasting memory because of their name which is made up of “Bolt” and “Nut”. The presentation and the arrangements for the plant visit were very well organized. They displayed all kinds of bolt and nut and discussed a lot of technical information of manufacturing during the plant visit. 5) The presentation of HCP Pump Manufacturer discussed about the importance of water and pump as well as changed the idea of the pump in general people’s mind. I am excited to see that different research opportunities are available in pump manufacturing. It is a really good experience to have a closer look at the pump products and customized pumps. 6) LITE-ON Technology is one of the enterprises which I am personally glad to visit because my research is more related to the optoelectronic industry and it is my first time to visit a semiconductor fabrication plant site. The practice of lean manufacturing at their production line seems more convincing and reasonable. The LITE-ON staffs explained very precisely about manufacturing process. I appreciate LITE-ON greatly because a lot of semiconductor industries would not allow guests to actually see their product processes. 7) Last but not least, I am so pleased to share the experience about the visit to the evergreen steel industry in the name of China Steel Corporation, since my bachelor degree of Metallurgical Engineering is related to the study of materials extraction and properties. Since I got a chance to visit two leading public sector steel manufacturing industries while I was pursuing my bachelor studies, therefore, I could understand how hard it is to visit a grand steel factory site in one hour. CSC tried to show all the processes by sitting on a bus which was truly appreciated. That’s the first time that I knew Taiwan has an integrated steel plant to produce in high quality and large quantities of steels compares to China. 8) The sightseeing on the last day of the trip was really mind-blowing and I look forward to having such day again in my life. The photos taken in Taiwan Mirror Glass Gallery are stunning and I have received a lot of likes and comments from friends on the social network. Thanks again to CTCI Foundation for offering me the chance to go on the trip, as well as taking care of arrangements, and caretaking of all the international students. The hospitality, foods and gifts are really excellent.

Mohamad Nor Hisyam Bin Mion ( National Chin-Yi University of Technology (NCUT)/國立勤益科技大學 Malaysia/馬來西亞)

This is Hisyam from Malaysia. I'm a graduate student of National Chin-Yi University of Technology. After joining the Enterprise Visit sponsored by CTCI Foundation, I would like to thank the CTCI for give me the opportunity to be part of this knowledgeable program. I gain so many insights about the visited Taiwanese companies listed below: China Steel Corporation produces a range of steel products including plates, bars, wire rods, hot and cold rolled coils, electrical steel coils, hot-dip galvanized coils and Ti/Ni-base alloy. In its production, the corporate value of teamwork, entrepreneurial approach, pursuit of innovation is easily to be seen. The CSC group, which including its 26 subsidiaries, deems environmental protection and energy saving and centers its development in Asia. It is making efforts to become a resource-saving and eco-friendly group of global distinction. LITE-ON products are used in a board range of applications, such as computers, communications, consumer electronics, automotive electronics, LED lighting, cloud computing, industrial automation as well as biotech and healthcare. And it has been shifting its production focus from IT and communication towards IoT (Internet of Things) applications such as cloud computing, LED lighting, automotive, biotech, and industrial automation. HCP Pump Manufacturer is the most successful submersible pumps manufacturer in Taiwan, and has developed 20 different series and more than 300 models, each with its unique usage.