Particpant Feedback

Mr. Bhavanari Mallikarjun 芭納利 (National Central University (NCU)/國立中央大學 India/印度)

It was a very good start to Visit InvesTaiwan (Contact Taiwan and Bravo Taiwan). The talk given by InvesTaiwan director was very encouraging and showing the scope of staying in Taiwan as an entrepreneur. It is a good platform for finding information about work permit, ARC/multiple entry. With the help of InvesTaiwan, I am confident to find a job in Taiwan. At CTCI Corp., Senior Vice-President, Mr. Han, had introduced the efficient use of technology at work by CTCI Corp. such as modelling of field work, freezing of soil for construction of Taipei Metro. Mr. Han’s words were encouraging and made me feel that CTCI Corp. might be my dream company to work for. Also, he added that CTCI Corp. values all employees and their works and it pays salaries on time along with sharing of bonus with their employees. I think that CTCI Corp. is a perfect social and business group, as they care for employees, along with sharing success and happiness with employees as family. The third organization we visited was E.Sun Bank. Senior officer Ms. Wen and staffs gave us a warm welcome and introduced the company culture and the comfortable working environments at E.Sun Bank headquarter. They clearly exhibited care towards society and communities in Taiwan. It is a good modeling for every company to care for the society and preserve cultures. There was also a good office tour at E.Sun, and infrastructure is excellent. The quotation "Stay Hungry Stay Foolish" is very refreshing and motivating. We visited Foxgreen Corp. in Taoyuan and Ms. Lei welcomed us with a great smile. The conference hall was in the terrace with a good ambiance. Ms. Wang introduced their initiatives to recycle the biowaste in the form of manure for organic farming. Though their equipment is costly and can be installed only by particular communities. I believe I will be able to do something for Mother Nature in future. Simple manure preparation at every kitchen at Foxgreen is very innovative and inspiring. My wish to visit the CTBC dual building at Nangang exhibition center was fulfilled. The 3-D projector show is not only about the life of the founder of the bank, but also teaches us about moral values and family relations. Spending time with family will not hinder us to become a successful person and also efficient at work. Taiwan Life Insurance Company has MOU with companies in Japan and Vietnam. CTBC is very customer-focused and friendly—it represents the relations with customers in the forms of trees and water falls. This passes on the spirit of customer service is an integral part of business. I recollected the famous quote by Mahatma Gandhi about Employee-Customer relationship. Later we visited TOPCO Scientific Co., LTD., and the Chairman Dr. Robert Lai delivered the welcoming talk, and CEO Mr. Charles Lee introduced TOPCO group’s contribution to the society. An example is recyclable photoresist for major companies responsible for Taiwan, solar renewable power generation and the technology by ANYO in eco-friendly food storage. I'm very glad to know more about the advanced technologies in Taiwan, and experienced hospitality and tasty food, especially traditional Taiwanese food to me. The Enterprise Tour was well planned by CTCI Foundation. All the staffs were very friendly and took good care of everyone.

Barqi Muhammad Irsyad (National Central University (NCU)/國立中央大學 Indonesia/印尼)

I would like to say thank you so much to the CTCI Foundation for the great opportunity and staffs for their professionalism and friendliness. I really enjoyed the three-day trip and got a lot of experiences. I also got a lot of information about how to get a job in Taiwan after graduation. Representative companies that I visited include CTCI Corporation, E.SUN Bank, Foxgreen Co., Ltd., Taiwan Life Insurance Co., Ltd., TOPCO Scientific Co., Ltd., which are good companies in Taiwan. Participants with specialties in economics, accounting, biochemistry and engineering, have the opportunity to join one of these companies. My favorite visiting company is CTCI Corporation. This company relates with my studies, that is oil and gas exploration (seismic data processing and analysis). During the presentation of CTCI Corp., I saw it has department of oil and gas, hydrocarbon and renewable energy. Those are the fields that I am really interested in and hoping to join. On the last day, we went to Anyo Museum, Kili Bay Pearl Milk Tea Culture Center and the National Center for Traditional Arts. I learned about the development of milk tea and history of Taiwan. Overall, the schedule, time management, accommodation, transportation, and facilities are very good. I am grateful to join this activity. The meals during the trip were really good. The hotel for the second night has beautiful view of beach and mountains, especially the sunrise in the morning. For the staffs, I would like to send my deepest thanks for all the staffs who accompanied us during these three-days. You guys are amazing. All the staffs are so friendly, kind and professional. Thank you so much for all the help and I am so grateful to meet great people like you. This activity is the best activity that I have ever joined. Thank you so much and see you.

Ajayan Mano (National Sun Yat-sen University (NSYSU)/國立中山大學 India/印度)

I would like to express my gratitude to the CTCI Foundation for giving me a great opportunity to visit organizations, companies and cultural centers, such as InvesTaiwan of Ministry of Economic Affairs, CTCI Corporation, E.Sun Bank, Foxgreen Co., Ltd., Taiwan Life Insurance Co., Ltd., Topco Scientific Co., Ltd., Anyo Museum, Kelly Bay Jane Milk Museum, and National Center for Traditional Arts. The participating group was like an international family constituting of 32 graduate students from 13 different nations, all of us are studying at Taiwan’s universities. And CTCI Foundation provided a platform where we could exchange our thoughts and experiences during the three-day enterprise visit. CTCI Foundation helped Tier 2 students by boosting their confidence level and introducing Taiwan’s research and development advances, business and job opportunities, visa related options to continue work and other important activities for international students. It’s precious for me to learn a lot of information about Taiwanese organization, research activities, business and working opportunities available in Taiwan. I started to consider my future career after graduation, now there are a lot of channels opening up for me to reach the destination and build a successful life. Among the visited companies, I appreciate CTCI Corporation aims to provide their employees with a healthy and wealthy lifestyle, that is very important to every working professional to have successful life. As well, their key initiatives of technological advances and international graduate student scholarship and academic programs are highly remarkable. I also appreciate E.Sun Bank initiatives of opening up large numbers of libraries in rural areas for schools children who lack study opportunities— these libraries fulfill their study needs. E.Sun Bank has a catchphrase of “stay hungry stay foolish” which I really like. As for TOPCO Scientific Co., Ltd. and Foxgreen Co., Ltd, I appreciate that they are aware that our earth is undergoing rapid climate changes like global warming, high CO2 emission, and they try to tackle these issues by implementing new initiatives of green energy and environmental researches. Once again, I thank all the staff from CTCI Foundation and each organization and cultural center we had visited. All of you supported us from beginning to the end during the trip. I will remember their warm hospitality forever.