2007 CTCI Foundation Fall International Conference


Soil Policy in the Netherlands-Recent Changes and Potentional for Re-use of Polluted Soil, Paul Romkens(2007.10.24) (3931.6 KB) pdf
Current and Future Policies of Managing Contaminated Soil in Taiwan, Wan-Chu Huang(2007.10.24) (278.02 KB) pdf
Management and Practice of Environmental Remediation and Facility Disposition, Ker-Chi Chang(2007.10.24) (841.41 KB) pdf
The Strategies for the Managment and Development of Contaminated Sites in Taiwan, Shian-Chee Wu(2007.10.24) (582.42 KB) pdf
Integrated Policy for Soil Management-An Industrial Point of View, Kuo-Chung Liu(2007.10.24) (388.1 KB) pdf
Preventive Management Strategy for Soil Contamination, Jyh-Shing Yang(207.10.24) (417.71 KB) pdf
Industrial District Land Use and the Construction of Regeneration Institution, Tai-Ming Ben(2007.10.23) (707.1 KB) pdf
A GreenPrint for the Refurbishment and Redevelopment of Two Business Parks in Aberdeen, UK, Jon d'Este-Hoare(2007.10.23) (1802.38 KB) pdf
The Promotion of Environmental Industries and Related Infrastructure, Hirotoshi Kakisako(2007.10.23) (6668.89 KB) pdf
Current Status and Future Outlook of Industrial Park in Taiwan, Tsung-Hsiung Kuo(2007.10.23) (783.83 KB) pdf
Does the Incetive Scheme and Government Efficiency of Taiwan's Industrial District Regeneration Meet the Demand of Industrial Upgrading? Lee-In Chen Chiu(2007.10.23) (3047.14 KB) pdf