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In order to assist Taiwan’s overseas graduate students to successfully complete their Master's or Ph.D. degrees in science, engineering or related fields in Taiwan and encourage them to work in Taiwan after graduation, the CTCI Foundation will continue to award the Research Scholarship for Overseas Students. The CTCI Foundation will also provide the Bursary Award for Overseas Students with economic difficulties.

Scholarships Quota and Amount

1. The Research Scholarship for Overseas Students: 15-30 people; NT$150,000 cash and a certificate of merit

2. The Bursary Award for Overseas Students: 5-15 people; NT$100,000 cash per successful application.

Qualified Applicant

The Research Scholarship and Bursary Award are open to outstanding overseas graduate students (including oversea Chinese students, students from Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macao) currently enrolled in master or doctoral courses in science and engineering-related fields at the designated departments/institutes and universities

Application Procedure

All candidates will be recommended by individual departments/institutes, and the universities will compile and mail the list of recommended candidates and their hardcopy documents to CTCI Foundation

Application Period

July 1 ~ September 15, 2023 (If the postmark is past the date, it will not be accepted.)


※ Contact: Ivy Chen (Email: ivychen@email.ctci.org.tw)


1.2023 CTCI Foundation Science and Technology Scholarship Application Information (237.7 KB) pdf
2.2023 CTCI Foundation Science and Technology Scholarships Application Regulations (289.6 KB) pdf
3.Designated DepartmentsInstitutes and Universities for 2023 CTCI Foundation Science and Technology Scholarships (116.7 KB) pdf
4.Poster of 2023 CTCI Foundation Science and Technology Scholarship (2902.59 KB) pdf